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Updated: August 10, 2020

Canagan is a pet food company that believes animals are at their best when eating a diet close to what their ancestors ate. Find out if there’s any truth to this in our review.

Canagan Dog Food variants

Based in the UK, Canagan works with independent businesses to create a network of loyal and satisfied customers all over the UK, as well as in many other countries around the world.

Canagan also believes in the importance of supporting independent and local pet shops, and for that reason only makes their dog food available in shops dedicated to offering high-quality pet services locally. You won’t find Canagan being sold in any major retailers, including online.

The Canagan team also extends their support for local businesses to the ingredients they choose for their acclaimed dog food, as well as to the manufacturing process.

All of the meats and veggies that are used to make Canagan dog food are sustainably sourced from local farms.

The Canagan Range

The Canagan range is extensive and includes options for just about every type of dog.

Whether you are looking for a high-quality dog food that supports puppies, adults, seniors, specific breeds, or anything in between, you are certain to find a food option within the Canagan range that suits your needs perfectly.

The range can be broken up into three main categories, namely dry, wet, and treats.

Like many other companies, Canagan understands that different dogs have different needs and preferences and it is quite clear that they try to provide.

For the dry food options, many of the recipes are created with all life stages in mind. The healthy nature of the food makes it safe for dogs of all ages.

Other than that, the dry food is divided up between small breed, average size, large breed, and senior.

For small breed dogs, there are four different recipes to choose from. Free Run Turkey is a popular choice because it has a plaque removing feature that helps keep dogs’ teeth clean.

Scottish Salmon is also available for small breeds, as is Country Game and Free-Range Chicken.

Canagan Dog Food Free Run Turkey variant Average sized dogs have all the same recipes as the small breeds, but there are a couple of additions in this part of the range.

Highland Feast and Grass Fed Lamb help round out the selection. For large breeds and seniors, there is only one recipe available which is the Free-Range Chicken.

All of the dry foods contain approximately 65% meat which part of the ‘ancestral diet’ that the company attempts to replicate.Canagan Dog Food variants

The wet food also provides plenty of choice. Most of the options for wet food are centered around adult dogs.

There is one mixed meat option for puppies and one chicken-based feast for seniors, but everything else is aimed squarely at adult dogs in their prime.

Wet food recipes for adult dogs include, Chicken and Wild Boar Casserole, Venison and Wild Boar Stew, Salmon and Herring Supper, Turkey and Duck Dinner, Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken Hotpot, Welsh Lamb, British Beef, Country Game, and Free-Run Chicken.

With so many great flavors, the only real problem is deciding which will be your dog’s favorite one.

Canagan Dog Food canned variants

There are also treats available that are perfect for intraday snacks, training, and plenty of other reasons. Treat flavors available are Country Game, Salmon, and Chicken.

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A Health Choice

Your dog can enjoy many improvements to its health when eating a diet like the one offered by Canagan dog food.

First off, all the recipes are grain-free. Grain-based diets for dogs have been linked to numerous health complications for some dogs, including difficulty digesting food, allergies, dull coat, diminished energy levels, and much more. By going grain-free, all of these areas improve drastically in most dogs.

Another area where your dog can benefit from eating the diet provided by Canagan lies in the quality ingredients that the popular dog food company uses.

Since the meats and botanicals included in the recipes are sourced and produced in a healthy way, dogs get the health benefits that come from eating a diet that is meant for them.

Better energy and moods, brighter coat, healthy teeth and bones, and long-term muscle retention are just a few examples of the benefits that can come from Canagans dog food.

There are many examples of customers seeing these types of results in the Canagan dog food reviews we have seen.

Ingredients to Support Your Dog’s Health

When it comes to the ingredients that are included in Canagan, high quality is the primary focus.

Everything from the chicken to the salmon to the venison to the lamb to the sweet potatoes is sourced locally and produced to very high standards.

Canagan Dog Food variants

None of the ingredients are reared with growth hormones or artificial chemicals and the animals are all free-range, feeding on food provided by their natural environment. All of the ingredients work together to create a completely healthy and balanced diet.


Canagan provides a very good value for the money that you pay. Priced very competitively with many other commercial dog foods on the market, you get so much more than what those other companies provide.

There is the obvious value that comes from the quality but there is also the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are feeding your dog one of the best foods available today.

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As with any review, we recognize that it is essential to cover the drawbacks as well as the positives.

For this Canagan dog food review, however, we’re short on drawbacks. Feeding your dog a diet that is close to its ancestral diet is a hard concept to argue with, as is the large number of unique recipes that are available for dogs of all types.

If we were pressed to choose a drawback, though, it would be that senior dogs and large breeds do not have enough of a selection.


All in all, Canagan dog food is one of the best health-conscious dog foods on the market today. The company ticks every box when it comes to producing a product that is both great for dogs and the environment, and they do it all for a surprisingly low price.

Canagan is certainly one of our favorites, but if you are looking for alternatives, be sure to try out a couple of our other favorites, namely Gentle dog food and Guru dog food.

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