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Updated: August 14, 2020

Find out how Butternut Dog Food reviews as we take a close look at their products and philosophy. We decide if Butternut Box dog food is worth making a change for.

Butternut Box Dog Food pack

Butternut Box prepares a number of delicious recipes comprised of fresh foods and deliver them right to your door – if you live in the UK, that is. It’s certainly a different approach but it is one you should consider? Let’s find out.

A Personal Touch

The Butternut Box approach to dog food is truly unique in that the company creates custom dog meals that are designed specifically with your dog in mind. Everything is pre-packed and delivered on a regular basis so that you never have to worry about keeping tabs on the dog food bag again.

To customize the meals that Butternut Box sends out, the company asks new customers to give some information. To get started, there is a simple questionnaire about the pet and its needs, as well as where the dog food will be shipped. Once all the required information has been given, the service can begin.

The Butternut Box Tool

The Butternut Box tool couldn’t be easier. New customers should give the name of the dog that will receive the food service – presumably so that the name of the dog will be printed somewhere on the packaging of the food. At this first stage is also where additional dogs can be added to the system.

Pet owners are then asked for the sex of the dog(s) and whether it, or they, are neutered. This is the first clue that the Butternut Box crew takes just about everything into account when planning meals for the dogs in their service.

Butternut Box Dog Food

After that, information relating to the age, breed, and some of the dog’s preferences eating habits is requested. Questions about the types of foods that the dog is used to and whether it is a picky eater all help the team build a profile on the dog.

Then come the questions relating to the medical needs of the animal. Butternut Box builders are asked about the dog’s weight, general fitness level, activity level, allergies, particular medical conditions, and much more.

After entering some personal details such as an email address and shipping address, the Butternut Box team is ready to serve up some of their delicious dog food.

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The Butternut Range

One of the great things about the Butternut Box service is that the foods on offer some of the healthiest we’ve seen. Instead of opting for kibble or some other dry rendition of dog food, the Butternut Box team decided to go with fresh foods that are prepared with care.

There are a few flavors to choose from and they are all very popular. Reading through the Butternut Box reviews is evidence of the high level of customer satisfaction that the Butternut Box team has earned. Each of the available flavors is touted to be the best, but we think they are great in their own right.

Beef It Up is made up of 60% beef that has been slow-cooked to perfection. In addition to the beef, there are also carrots, green and red lentils, peas, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli, brewer’s yeast, rosemary, and flaxseed.

Butternut Box Dog Food

The mixture provides everything that a dog requires to maintain optimal health. Chow Down Chicken, Gobble Gobble Turkey, Wham Bam Lamb, and Swish Fish Dish, contain most of the same botanicals as Beef It Up but they switch out the beef for 60% chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish, respectively. In all the recipes, all of the essential vitamins and minerals are included to keep dogs at their best.

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The thing that is most unique about Butternut Box is that they do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Although the recipes that make up the range are similar in many ways, modifications are made for each dog to ensure that the animal is getting food that fulfills their needs.

Virtually every consideration that can be made while creating an optimal meal plan for a pet is taken very seriously. The result, of course, is a customized food box that fits the dog’s needs perfectly.

A Healthy Choice

When it comes to the health benefits provided by this dog food, the list is long indeed. Everything from the style of preparation to the high-quality ingredients that are chosen to mail planning, all work together to create a dog food that is much more focused on health than almost any other dog food on the market today.

All of the recipes are hypoallergenic and contain large amounts of fresh meat that comes from healthy sources. In fact, all of the ingredients that are added are chosen with care which is clearly evident when you see the finished product. Low-temperature cooking also ensures that all of the ingredients retain their original nutritional value and flavor.

When dogs eat Butternut Box recipes, the health benefits that they enjoy are much the same as if they were getting a home-cooked meal made from human-grade ingredients, daily.

With no added fillers or preservatives, and without the need for rehydration when eaten, dogs can take advantage of the healthy attributes of the food very efficiently.

Better digestion, strong muscles and bones, healthy skin and coat, improved behavior, and much more, are all part of the benefits that come from eating a healthy diet such as the one provided by Butternut Box dog food.

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Only the Best Ingredients

The ingredients chosen to create the delicious recipes are selected with care by a certified nutritionist. Every ingredient added serves the purpose of providing dogs with the essentials they need.

Butternut Box Dog Food in pack

The meats chosen for the recipes serve as a perfect example of quality. Whether you opt for relief, chicken, turkey, lamb, or fish, you can be sure that it was boxed in the very same meat markets that provide meat for the locals. That’s right. There are no mystery meats included in Butternut Box recipes.

As for the other ingredients, each is selected to provide a part of a complete diet. All of the essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals are present thanks to a well-varied, hand-picked list of ingredients.

Great Value

In terms of value, most new customers at Butternut Box are pleasantly surprised by how affordable the customized meal plans are. The Butternut Box service has a surprisingly low daily fee for what the service provides.

Home-cooked meals made from top-rate ingredients and packaged with the individual needs of the dog in mind seem like a tall order, but that’s exactly what you get with Butternut Box.

Add to that the numerous health benefits, the fact that shopping for dog food becomes a thing of the past, and spending more time with a happier, healthier pet, the value that comes from the Butternut Box service seems almost too good to be true.

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The only drawback that we can think of is that the Butternut Box service is only available on the UK mainland. In a perfect world, dogs everywhere would be able to enjoy the service. That said, it certainly isn’t the drawback if you’re one of the lucky residents of the UK mainland.


Butternut Box is a truly unique approach to the dog food industry, and the company is doing a very good job keeping tails wagging. There are a host of health benefits that come from feeding a dog in the style that Butternut box provides. Owners also benefit from the added convenience of having daily meal boxes shipped right to their door.

All in all, we’d say that Butternut Box is one of the best services in the UK for pet owners interested in serving fresh food to their pets. Of course, Butternut Box is not the only dog food provider in the UK that gets our recommendation. If you would like to look into some other health-focused dog foods, Canagan dog food, Barking Heads dog food, and Guru dog food are all worth a look.

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  1. Lola our wonderful cavavlier King Charles spaniel turned one recently – she has been on butternut food for over 6 months – I’m so happy I found this food – she has eaten every single meal as soon as it hits the floor. The food isn’t filled with nasties and is full of all the goodness she deserves. I highly recommend trying butternut for your dog too.

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