Burgess Dog Food Reviewed

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Updated: August 14, 2020

What makes Burgess dog food stand out from the rest of the pack? Is it nutritionally balanced as well as something your dog will enjoy eating? Find out in our review.

Burgess Dog Food

Burgess is a pet food manufacturer that has been around for an exceptionally long time. The family behind the name has been in the food production industry since the 1700s. In the first part of the 1960s, the Burgess family decided to begin making pet food, and we are glad that they did.

If you own a pet in the UK, there is a very good chance that you have seen the brand on the shelves of your favorite shop or even at your veterinary clinic. Having such a long history providing quality pet foods has helped the Burgess dog food company develop a dedicated following of happy dogs and owners.

The Burgess Product Range

As is fairly common with dog food companies that have a long history developing a product line, the range of dog foods that are available at Burgess are well varied.

You’ll find hypoallergenic foods specifically designed for dogs with sensitive systems, foods that provide an abundance of energy, foods designed to fit specific breeds, and much more.

The Sensitive Adult Dog product lineup has four different options to choose from. Three are designed for while the fourth is reserved for puppies. That are available are lamb and rice, salmon and rice, and turkey and rice.

Sensitive Adult and Sensitive Puppy are comprised of high-quality ingredients that focus on healthy digestion and boosting the overall health of the dog.

Burgess Dog Food Sensitive variant

Supadog is the main product lineup available at Burgess. There are options for adult dogs, mature dogs, overweight doubts, and puppies. This part of the product lineup features the original recipes and comes with either chicken or beef.

No matter which Supadog option you choose, they’ll have a few things in common. The kibbles are extra juicy making mealtime a pleasant experience for your dog. There are also many healthy additions to the food to ensure healthy bones and teeth, shiny coat long-lasting energy, and much more.

Supadog also includes foods with particular recipes meant for specific needs. For example, there is one option available that is formulated specifically for greyhounds and lurchers. Supadog Active Dog is another example of the food that is made for dogs that go above and beyond. If you have a dog who runs or works all day, a food providing higher energy levels is essential.

Burgess Dog Food Supadog variant

Paul O’Grady’s, a wet food, is yet another offering at Burgess that is worth a mention. Created with wholesome ingredients and no artificial additives, this part of the product lineup is for those who like to give their dogs the very best.

The grain free chicken, hypoallergenic salmon and rice, hypoallergenic turkey and rice, the Rich in Chicken, and the Rich in Lamb, are perfect for adding to a dog’s regular diet to provide supplemental nutrition wet food can provide.

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Burgess Dog Food Paul O Grady variant

No matter what type of dog you have, you’ll certainly be able to find quality food amongst the Burgess range of dog foods. Whether you are a breeder with a high level of dietary requirements give the very best to your pet, you’ll be well taken care of at Burgess.

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Explain any health benefits of this dog food.

Depending on the product you choose at Burgess, you can expect to see differing health benefits. Each of the available foods provides complete nutrition but the different lines focus on particular areas, adding more and cutting back where necessary.

Burgess Sensitive dog food, for example, is made with ingredients that have been proven to aid in the digestive process. In the Burgess Sensitive dog food reviews we have read, the line goes much further than just being easy to digest.

The Sensitive line, along with all of the others, pay close attention to the skin and coat, muscle formation, healthy bones and joints, a healthy heart, and much more.

What are the beneficial ingredients?

The host of health benefits that come with Burgess dog food are mainly derived in the quality ingredients that are used. In fact, the ingredients that make up the food are another main talking point in all of the popular burgess dog food reviews.

With ingredients like quality salmon, beef, chicken, taurine, yucca extract, lucerne, fish oil, and beet pulp, is evident that Burgess is focused on the overall health of the animals they feed. Each of the ingredients used serves a special purpose, and when combined as they are dogs benefit greatly.

Burgess Dog Food variants

It is a good idea to read the ingredients list of whichever Burgess dog food you’re interested in, especially if your dog has special dietary needs. Not all of the available foods are weeds and gluten-free, not all can claim to be hypoallergenic. For that, you’ll need to find a specific burgess hypoallergenic dog food.

Is it good value?

No Burgess dog food review would not be complete without a comment on value. After all, we feed our dogs the best we can but that doesn’t mean it is to break the bank.

Fortunately, Burgess provides healthy dog food at a very competitive rate. For that reason, we can say that Burgess is definitely good value for your money.

In terms of drawbacks, you really won’t find many at Burgess. The company has been providing quality dog food for a very long time and has successfully streamlined their services and product lineups.

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If you are looking for a no-nonsense dog food that provides a host of health benefits in a tasty package, Burgess might be a good choice for you. Whether your dog is large, small, old, or young, you’ll be able to find a recipe that can support your pet in all the right ways.

Burgess is also great for breeders, thanks to the breed-specific foods that are available. While Burgess is certainly a fantastic choice, it is not the only good dog food company to consider. A few of our favourites are Wagg dog food, Applaws dog food, and HiLife dog food.

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  1. Hi I been fostering large breed dogs for a while now and all the dogs we have had have been on burgess sensitive turkey. Four years ago we took on a bullmastiff who is beautiful. We have adopted her now and again got on great with burgess sensitive. But now the vets have said to change her food because she's putting to much weight on where she has just been spaded. I've tried other light brands but she's coming up in sores but loosing the weight. Please can anyone advise

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