Bulmers Raw Dog Food Review

Written by: Jamie
Updated: October 5, 2020

The raw dog food diet is becoming a popular one. But where does Bulmers raw dog food fit in with such a selection now available? Find out in our review.

Feeding the dog raw food

Bulmer Pet Foods has been an established company for 20 years. They have an extremely loyal client base and sell to independent dog breeders as well as wholesalers.

They pride themselves on creating healthy, quality dog food and source all of their meat products from abattoirs that have been officially approved. They offer a delivery option that always comes in a refrigerated vehicle, or you can pick up the products yourself from their yard.

All of their products are processed and packed on their site, after this, they are blast frozen to ensure great quality and freshness.

Bulmers Dog Food Range

Bulmer has an extensive dog food range, with an endless list of options. Although this review focuses on Bulmers raw dog food, we will provide you with a small list of the other products they produce here for your perusal.

Bulmers dog food provides raw dog food in a variety of meats including chicken, tripe, duck, salmon, fish, turkey, and beef. They have several different combinations that use varying cuts of meat.

As well as raw food, they also offer dry food and pet treats too. They also provide dog food for specific breeds such as terriers. Bulmer’s dog food range is pretty extensive and you can find a great deal of information on their site about the types of food they offer if you would like more detail.

Health Benefits of Raw Dog Food

Breeders have been using Bulmer’s raw food for years and Bulmer has a great reputation for many reasons. There are numerous health benefits which include: coat maintenance, healthy skin, improved digestion, and fresher breath, improved strength in bones, joints, and teeth too.

Raw food can also help dogs to increase energy levels, improve muscle density, and reduce the amount of stool produced, which helps as it will make cleaning up easier.

Three dogs eating raw dog food

Several owners that have changed to Bulmer’s dog meat have reported that their dogs have had improvements with digestion and reductions in aggression.

As dogs naturally love to crunch on bones, adding this type of dog food to your pooch’s diet can really improve dental care for your cherished furry friend.

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Beneficial Ingredients

Bulmer Raw Food is beneficial for so many reasons, it is pure and free from grains and additives, which ensures that your furry friend is only receiving the very best! With a range of raw food products, the ingredients tend to vary dependent on your chosen food type.

Our Bulmers raw dog food review research has revealed that some of Bulmer’s products may contain small pieces of bone, but this is clearly displayed when purchasing. This is always good to consider, if your pup is very young, or if you have a very fragile, old dog.

Bulmers dog food is made from either meat or fish. There aren’t any hidden ingredients or additives. So, if you purchase ‘Chicken Complete’, for example, the product will contain 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% offal, nothing more, nothing less.

Bulmer does offer other food options that you can choose from that do not contain any bones, which is great for young pups, or older, more fragile dogs.

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Fresh and nutritious minced raw meat dog food in bowl

Value for Money

Bulmer’s frozen dog food is not the cheapest on the market, but it isn’t the most expensive either. Considering all the health benefits that raw food provides, making the switch will only ever be helpful.

All of Bulmer’s raw food packages come in packets of around 454g, but if you choose to order, you must make a minimum delivery order of at least 7 packages.

Alternatively, if you don’t live far away, you can purchase a smaller quantity in person at their yard. It is located in Six Hills Farm Industrial Park in Leicestershire.

Several other suppliers also sell Bulmer Dog Food, so take a quick look at some other sites if you wish to order smaller quantities.

Lastly, when ordering online from Bulmer directly, there is a charge on all orders.


Considering all the information we have provided, there aren’t too many drawbacks. Switching to Bulmers raw dog food has so many benefits, but we have uncovered a few areas of interest for you took take a look at.

The main drawbacks of using Bulmers raw food, tend to be how to store it effectively and how to prepare it quickly. As this food comes frozen, please consider whether you have enough freezer space and how much you will need to order at one time.

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Convenient packaged minced raw meat dog food in sealed tub

It goes without saying that if your dog is used to eating one type of food, you don’t want to be caught short if you run out, or if you can’t defrost it in time. If your pooch’s tummy gets easily upset, make sure to consider these factors when making a move towards a raw food diet.

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Our Summary

Our overall opinion is that Bulmer is a fantastic choice if you are planning to switch your furry friend on to a raw food diet. They are tried, tested, and well respected in the canine community.

There are several health benefits and Bulmer ensures top quality produce from officially accredited abattoirs and cutting plants.

While it may not be the cheapest food on the market, it isn’t the most expensive either. The drawbacks are that you must make a minimum delivery order, which may not work for people who tend to buy dog food on a day to day basis.

This product is top quality and whilst there are some other alternatives, Bulmer has a good reputation for a reason. Their products are made from fantastic produce and they are reasonably priced in comparison to their competitors on the raw dog food market.

So there you go! Our concise and informative review, written just for you! If you are thinking of making the move to raw food, Bulmer is a great option.

Good luck with your choice and don’t hesitate to check out some of our other dog food reviews to help you compare your other options.

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