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Updated: May 19, 2021

Get a reliable safety gate for your dog with our in-depth guide. We recommend the best dog gates and explain the features you should look out for.

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Dog gates can be essential for the safety of your pooch, keeping them away from hazards. They can also stop them going into areas that you want to keep as a dog-free zone.

This can be especially important during the puppy stages when they might not be house-trained, or prone to chewing. 

There are many different types of dog gates on the market so it’s not a one-size-fits-all affair.

Choosing the right dog gate to match your home and dog can be difficult so we’ve compiled a handy guide of indoor dog gates that are worth your attention.

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Our Recommended Indoor Dog Gates

Are you looking for a puppy gate? A wide dog gate? Or an expandable dog gate?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top three gates that we know dog-owners will love.

We review each in more detail down below.

For Big Jumpers

BabyDan Extra Tall Pressure-Fit Pet Gate

  • No tool installation
  • Height: 106 cm
  • Triple locking handle

Great Value

Bettacare Auto Close

Pet Gate

  • Various sizes
  • Height: 75.5 cm
  • One handed operation
  • Auto close


Scandinavian Extra-Tall Flexible Pet Gate

The Scandinavian Extra-Tall Flexible Pet Gate ticks just about every box when it comes to a solid, safe, and dependable dog safety gate.

Tall, wide and flexible, it is strong enough to keep even big dogs out while the narrow bars will prevent smaller canines from slipping through the gaps.

Available in different widths, each of the gates covers a very broad range. For example, the smallest size is suitable for gaps of 90-223cm, giving you lots of choice in how you set your gate up.

There’s also a 72cm extension available if the largest size of 439cm isn’t quite big enough.

This versatility is due to the flexible design. The gate comes in three sections which you’ll slot together. Once assembled, the two side portions can lock into a range of different positions. 

This means you don’t need to install the gate straight across your doorway (although you can if you want). However, for all the positions to work you'll need a bit of available floor space.

Being able to shape the three sections allows the gate to be used in open plan areas or where there’s not a conventional doorway to block off.

This extra wide pet gate is heavy and sturdy, and comes with screws to fit it to the wall.

However, it will also stand on its own without risk of falling. Some pet owners therefore opt to use it as a freestanding pet gate.

It is a very high dog gate, standing at 106cm tall, providing extra security for dogs that are good jumpers, or homes with young children.

However, the gaps in the bars are just 5.1cm so it will safely contain smaller breeds too.

A fast-release gate in the centre means that you don’t need to climb over the gate or remove it for access.

The mechanism is quick and easy to use so in an emergency you won’t be left fumbling to get through.


  • Very tall and sturdy, suitable for even large dogs
  • Narrow gap between bars prevents escape
  • Can be used free-standing or fixed to the wall
  • Has a variety of lockable positions


  • Heavy weight makes it unsuitable for portable use
  • Instructions for assembly could be clearer

Bottom Line: In our opinion, this is the best dog gate on the market.

The variable positioning means it fits a wide range of different spaces and doors, and it can be fixed easily to the wall.

The narrow bars and tall, sturdy design mean it works well for both small and large dogs alike.

Functional yet attractive, it’s hard to find fault with this pet gate.

For Big Jumpers

BabyDan Extra Tall Pressure-Fit Pet Gate

Many of the tall dog gates are also wide, but if you just want a simple pet gate with some extra height this model from BabyDan is perfect. 

Standing 106cm tall, it’s got plenty of height to deter even the springiest of dogs, containing your canine jumper in the desired space.

It’s also a very sturdy and solid design so big, strong dogs won’t be able to barge their way through. 

As a single gate, this is an ideal dog gate for stairs or where you want to block off through a standard doorway.

It fits between 73-80cm but you can buy additional extensions to fit larger gaps of up to 120cm. 

The distance between the bars is fairly narrow at 5.51cm but very small toy dogs may be able to slip through.

This is therefore a design aimed at slightly larger dogs who have the ability to jump high.

This gate isn’t a freestanding model and needs to be fixed to the wall. However, this is very quick and easy with a pressure-mount system that doesn’t require any tools.

There’s also a handy indicator which shows when the gate is fitted correctly - very useful if you want to be 100% confident about security.

Access through the gate comes from a central opening which can swing both ways. The quick-release mechanism can be operated with a single hand but includes a double lock for extra strength.

The mechanism requires thumbs to open so even the smartest pooch won’t be able to learn the process and manipulate the catch!

The central gate isn’t self-closing so you will need to shut it after you walk through.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it means you have the option of leaving it open if you want to allow your dog free access for a while.


  • Tool-free pressure-fit installation
  • Extra-strong, solid design
  • Quick-release door mechanism
  • Width can be increased with additional extensions


  • Toy breeds or tiny puppies may slip through the bars

Bottom Line: An excellent example of an easy to install dog safety gate, this design from BabyDan will be ideal for many homes.

If you are just looking for a basic gate that offers strength and extra height, this model will do the job perfectly.

Great Value

Bettacare Auto Close Pet Gate

The Bettacare Auto Close pet gate with door is a great example of a dog gate that delivers premium quality for a budget price.

Available in 14 different sizes, you don’t need to pay for more gate than you need, helping to keep the prize low. 

This pet gate is a standard height of 75cm which will be fine for most dogs. However, if you’ve got a particularly large breed or one who loves to jump, you’ll need a taller gate. 

Conversely, the gap between the bars of this gap is 6cm. While this may look relatively narrow, toy breeds or very small puppies will be able to slip through.

This gate is therefore better suited to small-medium sized dogs.

Despite the great value for money, there are plenty of nifty features on this gate which make it look and feel like a more expensive brand. 

The locking mechanism is strong, and won’t be easy for smart pooches to copy. It’s also quick-release and can be opened with a single hand (but not a paw!).

The Auto Close facility is the best part of this gate; perfect for those times when your hands are full. It will automatically shut behind you with a soft click which is quiet enough not to disturb a sleeping child.


  • One-handed opening design
  • Easy installation process
  • Auto-closing feature
  • Available in 14 different sizes


  • Toy breeds could slip through
  • Bigger dogs could get over the lower height

Bottom Line: The Bettacare Auto Close gate offers great value for money, and the availability in different sizes means you can be sure about an accurate fit.

Pressure mounted into the wall, installation is quick and easy plus the auto close feature adds real convenience for any pet owner.

Buyers’ Guide

There is an enormous array of dog gates available to buy but some are very clearly better than others.

In this buyer’s guide, we’re going to run through the key features to look out for and the considerations you need to make before you buy.

white terrier sitting behind dog gate

Key Features

In the past, caring dog owners resorted to using baby gates to keep their four-legged friends out of dangerous areas.

However, things have moved on and there are now dedicated door gates for dogs which are available to buy.

The benefit of this is that they’ve been designed to meet the specific needs of dogs, which are very different to a human baby.

And with dogs coming in all shapes and sizes, there’s a variety of key features and designs on the market.

The material of the dog gate needs careful consideration. There are wooden, plastic and metal dog gates available, but not all will be suited to your dog. 

Some of the most beautiful dog gates are made from wood. However, these aren’t suitable if your dog is prone to chewing.

They’re also no good if your dog isn’t house-trained or has occasional accidents; the porous nature of wood means it’s liable to get a bit stinky.

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dog looking up

Metal dog gates are typically made from wrought iron, steel or iron. Although these gates are strong, smaller breeds such as chihuahuas and Yorkies can often slip through the gaps in the bars.

You’ll also need to take care if you have children in the house as these gates are easier to climb over.

Plastic gates are a good alternative, as they’re easier to wipe clean. They’re also lightweight so they’re more portable, ideal for gates that need to be moved regularly.

There are different ways to install dog gates, and much will depend on how you plan on using it. If it’s a gate that you want to have up permanently, you won’t need to worry whether it’s portable.

In contrast, if you want to be able to move the gate around or take it down, consider its weight and whether it easily folds up. 

Some safety gates for pets need to be drilled into the wall; these are ideal for creating a semi-permanent fixture.

For more portable gates, there are freestanding designs and those which attach to the doorway through pressure mount fixings.

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Before You Buy

So, you’ve done your research and found a dog gate that sounds perfect. However, before you click on buy, have you checked whether it’s right for your home?

It’s possible to have a dog gate with glowing reviews that wouldn’t suit your circumstances. Therefore, before you go ahead with a purchase you’ll need to carry out some of your own checks. 

On a very basic level, you’ll need to know whether the gate will fit your doorway. If you’ve never had to purchase a door before, it can be surprising to learn that they’re not all a standard size. 

You need to carefully measure your doorway and the width of your opening, and compare this to the size of the gate. This should be one of the first checks you do so you don’t waste time on a gate that simply won’t fit. 

dog sitting in living room

The space between the bars is another factor. If you have a small dog, you’ll need to check that the bars are narrowly spaced so your pooch can’t slip through.

Dogs can fit through a surprisingly small space, especially if they’re a fluffy breed so be certain before you buy.

Dog gates should be designed with safety in mind, but as all breeds are different you’ll need to be mindful of this too.

Could your dog get their head stuck between the bars? Even if they can’t fit through the gate completely, it’s important that their head can’t get jammed in the gate.

If your dog can bounce higher than a kangaroo on springs, you’ll need a gate that’s designed for high jumpers. If you’ve never checked how high your dog can jump, now would be a good time!

It’s not all about dimensions either, the fitting of the gate will be important. Not all gates are installed in the same way so check that this is compatible with where you want to use it.

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