5 Best Hoovers for Pet Hair 2023

Written by: Jamie
Updated: May 14, 2021

If you have a pet, you’re probably all too aware of the common problem of unsightly hair strewn all over your home. In today's guide, we recommend 5 great vacuums that dispose of pet hair quickly and effectively. 

dog sits next to a vacuum cleaner

Finding the best hoover for pet hair is a must if you have a pet that sheds. Especially if you or any member of your family suffers from allergies or asthma. 

Although there are lots of different candidates vying for the title of best vacuum for pet hair, it can be difficult to determine which is the right one for your needs.

Fortunately, we’ve made the task easy for you, with our guide to the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, including all the information you need to make a well-informed choice.

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Our Recommended Hoovers for Dog Hair

If you’re looking for the best hoover for pet hair, here are our top choices to suit all needs.

There's our overall favourite, a great alternative, and the best value for money.

We review each in more detail down below.

Great Alternative

Dyson V8 Animal

  • Up to 40 minutes of powerful, fade-free suction
  • Cord-free
  • Max power mode
  • HEPA filtration captures allergens

Amazing Value

Vax Air Lift Pet Vacuum

  • Multi-cyclonic technology
  • Includes a turbo tool, 3-in-1 tool & upholstery tool
  • Steerable technology 


Shark Upright Cleaner for Pet Hair

Shark is a pretty cool name for a vacuum cleaner, and this model really stands out thanks to its unique features.

Perhaps the best thing about this model is its Lift-Away feature. This means you can take the main unit of the vacuum off the cleaning head quickly and easily by simply pressing a button.

This turns the upright vacuum cleaner instantly into a portable model that can be used anywhere. 

In fact, this Shark model offers something even more impressive than a Lift-Away feature – it has a Powered Lift-Away function which goes above and beyond – delivering its power straight to the vacuum’s cleaning head and causing rotation of the brush roll.

This makes it much more powerful and allows for much higher performance than a cleaner that solely relies on suction power.

The main advantages of Powered Lift-Away is that the cleaning head can easily fit into tight spots – something that would be virtually impossible if the main unit was still in place.

Also, that you’re able to simply take the main unit with you when you go upstairs or into another room. Since it only weighs 2.7 kg it is much easier to carry and use in hard to reach places.

Another great feature of this model is its motorised brush attachment designed to help remove stubborn pet hair quickly and easily. 

Furthermore, this upright model comes with a HEPA filter fitted so even the smallest particles that cannot be detected by the naked eye can be suctioned up.

Even better, it comes fitted with Shark’s own proprietary Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. 

These two features mean this model can capture an  impressive 99.9% of dust along with allergens that are as small as 0.3 microns in size.

That’s great news for anybody who suffers from asthma or allergic reactions to dust, pet hair or dander. 

While this vacuum cleaner is mains powered, it features an extra long 8 metre power cord together with a long hose measuring 1.8 metres. As a result, this model boasts a good cleaning range. 

Its mains-powered motor functions at 750 watts for optimal sucking power, but the dirt cannister is slightly smaller than some of its rivals with only a 1.1 litre capacity.

This model is well-protected by an extra-long warranty, though – its guarantee is an impressive 5 years long.


  • Powered Lift-Away function for convenient use in awkward spots
  • HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology to protect from dust and allergens in the air
  • Long hose and power cord for easier use
  • Long warranty of 5 years


  • Smaller than average dirt cannister

Bottom Line: This Shark pet vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice for picking up pet hair. 

Thanks to its integrated HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology it's an ideal choice for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma aggravated by household pet hair.

Great Alternative

Dyson V8 Animal

If you’re looking for a convenient and reliable pet vacuum that comes from one of the best brands in the industry, you’d be hard pressed to find a better model than the Dyson V8 Animal. 

This cordless model is a great choice for anyone who wants a vacuum that can easily be stored away thanks to its compact and sleek design.

However, it doesn’t compromise on quality of performance. 

The Dyson V8 Animal has an extremely powerful digital motor that ensures this model performs optimally every time.

It can clean both carpets and hard floors, so it can be used conveniently anywhere in your home, regardless of the surface type. 

Even better, this vacuum has been rigorously tested and has been found to suck up an impressive 99.97% of all particles, so even if you suffer from allergies or asthma, you should have no problems with unwanted reactions if you invest in this model.

As this is a cordless vacuum cleaner, it’s easy to take upstairs or to use in rooms that don’t have a power outlet such as the bathroom.

With its lightweight design, it’s also easy to carry and lift, so you can use it in high spaces. 

Although some cordless models have a very short battery life, lasting for only around 10 minutes or so even when fully charged, the Dyson V8 Animal has been designed for optimal battery lifespan.

In fact, if the model is fully charged, its lithium ion battery can provide an impressive 40 minutes of cleaning power so you’ll have ample time to get all your cleaning done.

One further great benefit of this model is that it can transition seamlessly into a handheld model.

This allows you to effortlessly clean up any small spillages or to reach the tightest spaces without having to worry about squeezing the entire vacuum in.


  • This model can be either an upright or handheld vacuum so you can use it in even the tightest and most awkward spaces
  • The battery life of this cordless model is impressively long at 40 minutes
  • Lightweight and sleek, it can easily be stored away in homes with little storage space
  • This vacuum can be used on either hard or carpeted floors and sucks up 99.97% of all particles.


  • This is one of the most costly models on the market

Bottom Line: We recommend the Dyson V8 Animal as our top alternative pet vacuum model thanks to its innovative Lift-Away design, powerful suction and, most importantly, its extra-long battery life.

Whether you’re cleaning hard floors or carpets, this model is up to the task and can suck up an impressive 99.97% of all particles to eradicate allergic reactions.

Amazing Value

Vax Air Lift Pet Vacuum 

The Vax brand is well-known for its powerful and high performance vacuum cleaners, so you won’t be too surprised to learn that we recommend the Vax Air Lift as one of our top choices of pet vacuum cleaner on the market today.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of pet owners, this model boasts an unusual yet convenient steerable design so you can effortlessly turn and twist around furniture in your home for easier cleaning in every room.

Although this model is a mains-powered upright, that doesn’t mean that it’s heavy and cumbersome.

In fact, it weighs just 6.2 kilograms. This makes it a breeze to carry wherever you need to go, or even to use on the staircase. 

Furthermore, it’s also possible to remove the model’s main cleaning unit for even greater convenience.

If you need to clean a hard to reach location, or want to go upstairs for cleaning, all you need to do is take off the cylinder and you’re good to go.

Another great feature of this model is its Turbo Tool attachment. This powered brush has been designed to help in the removal of pet hair and dirt that has become embedded deep into your carpets.

When this tool is attached to the vacuum, it can effortlessly pick up even the most stubborn dust and hair strands for more effective cleaning.

Another great accessory that comes with the Vax Air Lift is the Fur and Fluff tool.

This has also been created especially for tackling pet hair, and makes it even easier to eradicate it from your floors throughout your home.

As you would expect from such a big brand, this Vax model comes with an extremely power 950 watt motor, so you won’t experience any loss of suction.

It also comes equipped with an extra long 10 metre power cord as well as a long 1.8 metre hose for even greater reach.

This is a bagless model, so there won’t be any ongoing costs of renewing bags. The cannister also has a relatively high dirt capacity at 1.5 litres, so you won’t need to empty it so often.


  • This model is from one of the biggest and best-known brands and boasts a powerful 950 watt motor for impressive suction
  • The dirt cannister is relatively large with a capacity of 1.5 litres for less frequent emptying
  • This vacuum comes with useful tools and accessories as standard including the Fur and Fluff tool and the Turbo Tool for even better cleaning of pet hair
  • This can be used either as an upright or as a handheld model for even greater convenience


  • Although this vacuum only weighs 6.2kg, it is still heavier than some of its competitors

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a reliable vacuum cleaner that has truly impressive suction and excellent accessories, the Vax Air Lift has got to be on your radar. Representing impressive value for money, this versatile model can be used throughout your home.

Best Corded Cleaner for Pets

Miele Complete C3

miele complete c3 black

If you prefer a corded vacuum cleaner, but want to be certain of choosing a model from one of the very best brands on the market today, the Miele Complete C3 is the one for you.

Miele’s reputation goes before it, and the Complete C3 certainly won’t disappoint thanks to its excellent features designed specifically for pet owners.

A top feature of this model is its Turbteq cleaning head that boasts a spinning roller for effective removal of lint and hair.

Another accessory that comes supplied as standard with this pet hair vacuum is a mini Turbo brush designed to get into even the most awkward and challenging spaces for more efficient cleaning. 

There are a number of other accessories which are also supplied with this model without any extra charge, including the dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery nozzle, with all of them being stored conveniently inside the vacuum cleaner’s body so you won’t need to worry about them getting detached and lost.

This is a bagged vacuum cleaner, which makes it a particularly good choice for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies since there will be little to no spillage of dust or pet hair when the vacuum is emptied and the bag changed.

inside of miele complete c3

The bag is designed to have a self-closing mechanism and hygienic dust seal, so you can be confident you’ll experience no unwanted and unpleasant reactions to the dust.

Another feature that makes this vacuum a great choice for allergy-sufferers is its 9 stage microfibre filtration process.

This allows even more small particles and fine dust to be retained than a standard dust bag, although you’ll need to replace them on a regular basis and this will cause the costs to mount up over time.

This model also boasts an Active AirClean Filter that utilises active charcoal in order to absorb any unpleasant odours.

If you have a particularly smelly pet, this will be perfect for you, making your home smell pleasantly fresh once more!

This is a mains-powered model and it comes with a powerful 890 watt motor for even better suction power.

Its power cord is also extra long at 8.5 metres while its long suction tube gives it an impressive 12 metre cleaning radius.

For this reason, there’s no need to always be stuck next to a power outlet – ideal if you’re cleaning a bathroom without any sockets.

functions of miele complete c3


  • Extra long power cord and long suction tube for a 12m cleaning radius
  • Comes with a host of excellent accessories and tools as standard
  • The bag comes with a self-sealing hygienic mechanism to protect allergy sufferers
  • 9 step filtration system for even better suction & cleaning


  • This model does not convert to a handheld device
  • There is an ongoing cost for replacement bags

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a reliable corded vacuum cleaner from a reputable brand, the Miele Complete C3 ticks all the boxes.

Coming with a host of useful tools as standard and with its impressive 9 step filtration system, you’re guaranteed impressive cleaning.

Budget Choice

Henry Harry

Henry The Hoover has long been known as a quality model, and now Henry Harry is a model designed specifically for pet owners with all the features that homes with pets need. 

A top feature of this model is its HairoBrush which is designed to pick up even the most stubborn pet hairs easily and quickly from stairs and carpets.

Meanwhile, it comes equipped with a charcoal activated MicroFresh filter which tackles unpleasant and lingering pet odours inside the home to restore a fresh aroma in every room.

As you would expect from such a big name brand, Henry Harry offers A rated cleaning, using efficient and extremely powerful cleaning technology.

Even better, its bags have a self-sealing tab so all the dust is locked inside the bag for mess-free, allergic reaction-free emptying.

With its integrated HEPA filter, you can be confident that even the tiniest particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye will be sucked up and out of the environment for a healthier, allergen-free home.

This model also boasts an extremely long reaching 10 metre power cord for convenient use in all rooms of the home, while its dust bag capacity is huge at 9 litres, meaning replacement will be infrequent.


  • An integrated HEPA filter and self-sealing tab to keep dust and allergens in
  • Very long power cord and huge dust bag capacity
  • MicroFresh filter keeps rooms smelling good and pet odour-free
  • The HairoBrush tool picks up even stubborn pet hairs easily


  • This canister hoover doesn’t separate into a handheld
  • The dust bag requires replacement from time to time which involves ongoing costs

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a great value budget pet vacuum cleaner that keeps your home hair-free and smelling fresh, the Henry Harry is the one for you.

Don't let the cute design fool you, it's really efficient and high powered for excellent performance!

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dog barking on vacuum cleaner during house cleaning

Buyers’ Guide

If you need some advice about how to choose the best hoover for dog hair, this buyer’s guide will point you in the right direction.

There are a number of things to consider and a number of features you should be looking for in the best hoover for pets, so here, we’ll outline just a few of the most important.

Specific Features For Pet Hair

When you’re seeking the best pet hair hoover, there are some specific features you should be on the lookout for. 

For a start, it should have specially designed brushes that effectively pick up loose pet hairs without clogging. 

Anti-wrap technology is a key component in any dog hair vacuum, particularly if you have a long-haired pet.

A standard vacuum cleaner used to pick up a lot of stray pet hairs may end up with the brushes being completely jammed with strands.

Anti-wrap technology ensures this won’t be a problem – the hairs won’t get stuck around the brush, thus ensuring a much better clean.

You should also look for a pet hair hoover that offers higher powered suction, since regular suction won’t be strong enough to pick up fine or long pet hairs. 

The best pet hoover will also feature filters that get rid of unwanted pet odours as well as HEPA filtration to filter out allergens that could cause unpleasant reactions.

This is especially important if someone with allergies lives in the property since pet hair can cause serious problems. 

A HEPA filter (or High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) will help to filter out even the smallest particles like dander and pet fur that could cause allergies.

A HEPA filter will have been thoroughly tested and be guaranteed to meet the minimum standards for the size and amount of particulates it can remove.

You will sometimes need to replace a HEPA filter, and this adds onto your vacuum’s running costs, but some models come with a lifetime filter or washable filter which won’t cost you any extra in the long run.

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dog in front of vacuum

Cleaning Performance

Two figures to consider when choosing a pet vacuum cleaner is the AW (air watts) and CFM (cubic feet per minute).

The CFM lets you know the amount of air sucked by the vacuum over one minute of its use. The AW tells you how much power it’s using to pull the dirt through its nozzle. A higher number provides better suction.

Corded or Cordless

When you’re choosing a dog hair hoover, you’ll need to decide whether a corded or cordless model is best for you. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

A cordless vacuum offers greater convenience, especially if you need to go up and down stairs a lot, or need to move between rooms. 

However, a corded model will often be more powerful and can be used for longer periods of time without any difficulties, whereas a cordless model will require recharging regularly.

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dog looking at a vacuum cleaner


Of course, price shouldn’t always be your main selection criteria, but the price of pet vacuum cleaners can vary dramatically. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to get the best possible value for money. 

It’s important to be aware that paying a higher price won’t always guarantee a better performing vacuum cleaner, however in general, you will get what you pay for.

A model that is a little more expensive will almost certainly clean more effectively than a cheaper counterpart. Not only that, but it will usually have more accessories and a better build quality. 

In some cases, though, you’ll be paying more for accessories or features you don’t want or need, so carry out your research thoroughly and always look for what you actually get for your money rather than just focusing on the price alone.

Battery Life and Charging Time

If your chosen hoover for pet hair is a cordless model then you’ll need to consider its battery life and charging time.

Some models only have a battery life of around 10 minutes, which may be nowhere near long enough to clean an entire home of pet hair. 

There are some models on the market, however, that have a much longer battery life. Some models now run for at least 20 minutes or longer, giving you more time to thoroughly clean your house.

dog sitting on carpet

Bag or Bagless

When looking for the best pet hair vacuum you’ll need to decide between a traditional bagged model or a bagless cleaner. 

A bagged vacuum uses the bag as a filter for trapping dust and dirt. It will often be more affordable to purchase, but you’ll need to pay for replacement bags throughout its lifespan.

Also, as the bag becomes full, the performance of the vacuum will reduce.

A bagless model will use a filter to trap the dirt which will then be collected inside a chamber that requires emptying periodically.

Although these models cost more upfront there are no ongoing bag replacement costs. It’s also easy to see when the chamber needs emptying at a glance so you can keep the vacuum’s performance high.

If you have asthma or allergies, a bagged model will be the best pet hoover for you since it is more hygienic to empty.

The sealable bag of the vacuum produces less mess during emptying, whereas bagless cleaners produce a lot of allergens and dust when they’re emptied.

Bin or Bag Capacity

Some models have a dirt-collecting canister or bag which is as small as under ½ litre, while others have a capacity 10 times larger.

A battery-powered model will usually have a smaller capacity because of its lightweight, compact design. This means it will require frequent emptying, particularly if you need to vacuum a lot.

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naughty dog lying on dirty floor

Vacuum Weight

If you’re going to be carrying the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs, or have to clean areas that are high up, you should choose a lightweight model. 

There are some 2-in-1 models available which allow you to take the main unit apart from the motor. This makes carrying the vacuum upstairs much easier.


One further consideration to keep in mind is the kind of accessories supplied with the model. While some come supplied as standard with some models, others require you to buy them separately as an optional extra. Some useful accessories include:

  • A turbo head – this is a high-powered roller which gives an extra boost for cleaning up pet hair as well as additional suction power should you have to get into a tight spot with tightly wedged pet hair.
  • A telescopic extension – this is ideal for cleaning any difficult to reach areas, particularly if you have a pet who likes to climb.
  • Illuminated or lighted crevice tool – this helpful feature allows you to clean in any tight spot where it’s hard to see.
  • Disinfection tool – should your pet make any other kind of mess apart from shed hair, you may find a disinfection device helpful in keeping your house clean and smelling fresh.
  • A grooming kit – this allows you to use the vacuum cleaner to take loose hair strands off your pet itself.


When choosing a new vacuum cleaner, you should always consider the length of the warranty. The longer the warranty the better, since you want to have optimal protection should anything go wrong.

Many models will only have a 1 year warranty, but some offer a warranty that lasts for two years which gives you even better coverage in the event of a problem.

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