5 Best Dog Subscription Boxes UK

Written by: Jamie
Updated: April 19, 2021

We recommend our five favourite subscription boxes for dogs. See what's on offer and what you can expect to pay in our in-depth guide.

collar club box full of pet toys

From clothes and art supplies to hot sauce and sweets, subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular – and it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t love a surprise treat?

Our four-legged friends don’t need to miss out on the excitement of a monthly delivery of fun gadgets and snacks. Thanks to pet subscription boxes, you can receive regular deliveries of brand-new toys, treats, and accessories for your dog.

Getting new toys will help to keep your dog active and stimulated, which goes a long way towards maintaining good health and avoiding behavioural issues.

And even though the items inside each parcel are intended for your dog, let’s be honest – you’ll be just as excited to see your pup enjoying new toys and treats!

In this article, we’re covering five top-rated pet gift box services in the UK to help you find the best dog subscription box for you and your pooch.

5. WufWuf

Custom dog gift boxes delivered straight to your door.

What’s in the box?

Each dog subscription box from WufWuf contains a minimum of five items – at least two toys (plush and tough), one treat, one chew, and one surprise item or accessory.

The toys are adapted to your dog’s size, so you won’t need to worry about a plush or tough toy being too big or too small for your pooch to enjoy.

During registration, you’ll be given the opportunity to let the WufWuf team know of any allergies or intolerances your dog may have, as well as their usual preferences with toys and treats. All of this information will be taken into account when building your dog’s monthly box.

As a fun twist, the company creates a theme for each month’s box. For example, past themes include dinosaurs, rugby, Sherlock Holmes, and seasonal celebrations for Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays.

Sample Wufwuf box of dog toys

Subscription details and prices

WufWuf has only one subscription plan, involving a monthly delivery of the themed dog box. The subscription costs £18.90 per month (as of April 2023), and the company claims that the contents are valued at over £40. Subscriptions are not binding – you can cancel or pause any time.

To get started with your dog’s WufWuf monthly dog box, you’ll need to register and fill out a survey about your dog.

As mentioned above, this is an opportunity to make note of any allergies and preferences your dog has, which will help the team ensure that the treats and toys in each box will be safe and fun for your pooch.

Upon registration and payment, your first order will be shipped immediately – your pup won’t need to wait a whole month to enjoy their new subscription. Subsequent boxes are dispatched no later than the 15th of each month, and WufWuf offers free UK delivery on all orders.

Find out more at their website.

4. Woof Box

Natural dog treats and durable dog toys delivered monthly.

woofbox toys

What’s in the box?

Woof Box is another great option if you’re looking to introduce more variety into your pup’s life. Each package from Woof Box includes five to seven items, such as treats, toys, and grooming products.

You can choose a completely random selection in each box, or customise the contents to suit your dog’s needs and preferences.

While you can’t pick individual items – so each dog gift box is still a surprise – you can set the proportions of treats, chews, biscuits, grooming and hygiene products, and health products in each package.

In addition, it’s possible to choose between tough and soft toys, depending on how much your dog likes to chew.

Subscription details and prices

Although there’s essentially only one subscription plan at Woof Box, you can choose how to pay for it.

Each plan involves receiving the same format of monthly pet subscription boxes. You can choose whether to pay every month, every three months, or every six months. The subscription can be cancelled or paused at any time.

A monthly payment will cost you £22.95 for each dog box. If you opt to pay every six months, you’ll be required to pay for six boxes in advance – but paying in bulk comes with savings. A 6-month option costs £117, which calculates to over £20 in savings compared to a monthly subscription.

It’s worth noting that before subscribing, it’s possible to order a one-time purchase to try out the service and check whether the items will suit your dog. The one-off Woof Box costs £24.99 and can be customised in the same way as the subscription boxes.

The subscription boxes are delivered before the 14th of each month, with free UK delivery.

Learn more at their official website.

3. Postman Pooch

Monthly subscription boxes and gift boxes for special occasions like birthdays.

PostmanPooch box full of pet toys

What’s in the box?

Dog subscription boxes from Postman Pooch come in six varieties. Depending on the chosen option, there will be between three and ten items in each monthly delivery.

Just like with the other subscription box services on this list, each box will include various treats, toys, accessories, and grooming products for your dog.

Although there are the six box varieties to choose from, there are no additional customisation options.

Postman Pooch sends out themed boxes to celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, and – best of all – your dog’s birthday.

Moreover, the company rewards loyalty by adding extra items to the boxes of regular customers – expect an additional treat or toy in boxes one, three, six, and twelve.

As a reward for signing up, the first box will also include a handmade bow tie for your dog. As an added bit of fun, Postman Pooch holds a monthly ‘Pooch of the Month’ photo contest with a chance to win a £20 voucher.

Subscription details and prices

As we’ve mentioned above, there are six subscription plans to choose from at Postman Pooch. They range from £14 for a box with three items, to £31 for ten items in each delivery.

To make up for the lack of specific customisation for the boxes, there is a separate plan for puppies and for dogs who like to chew up their toys. The latter features tough toys and treats rather than easily ripped plushies.

As well as the pet subscription boxes, Postman Pooch also offers toy & treat packs you can buy as a one-time purchase, without committing to a monthly payment. This makes for a great way to try out the types of products Postman Pooch offers to see if your dog enjoys them.

Like most other dog subscription box services, Postman Pooch offers free delivery in the UK.

Find out more here.

2. Collar Club

Subscription boxes filled with 100% natural treats and eco-friendly and sustainable dog products.

What’s in the box?

The Collar Club dog subscription box service focuses on providing natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable dog products with no artificial colourings, flavourings, or additives.

Each box contains between five and eight items, including at least one toy, one chew, and a selection of treats. Accessories and grooming products such as shampoos and conditioners may also be included.

Additional extras, such as recipes, tips, and how-to’s (all to do with canine health and wellbeing, of course!) may also occasionally appear in the boxes.

As you sign up with Collar Club, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your dog in order for their boxes to be customised to fit their individual needs and preferences.

Details such as the dog’s size, age, allergies, and personality and preferences (such as whether they’re better with plush or tough toys) will all go towards building boxes that are just right for them.

collar club box full of pet toys

It’s worth noting that a percentage of the profits that Collar Club makes from subscription boxes and other sales goes towards the company’s own Collars for Shelters project. Through this charity, Collar Club provides collars for dogs in need.

Subscription details and prices

There are three subscription plans available for Collar Club Customers, differing in the frequency of delivery.

You can receive your dog gift box every month, every two months, or quarterly. Regardless of which option you choose, each box costs £34.99 and will be shipped between the 4th and 8th of the month.

This makes Collar Club a great option for those who only want to get a dog subscription box every now and again, but don’t want to order it manually every time.

Find out more at their website.

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1. UltiMutt

Custom treat and toys boxes delivered to your door.

Ultimutt box full of pet toys

What’s in the box?

UltiMutt offers a simple, straight-forward dog subscription box service that’s transparent and easy to understand.

Each subscription box contains between four and six items, including various toys, treats, accessories, and grooming products to keep your pup entertained, happy, and healthy.

The items in each box are eco-friendly and thoroughly tested. Interestingly, UltiMutt’s boxes often include unique and original items – particularly toys and accessories – that can’t be bought on the high street.

This is because the company focuses on supporting local businesses and prefers to offer locally-produced, handmade, or lesser-known alternatives to mass-produced toys.

Dog-lovers will also be glad to hear that the company is partnered with a canine charity, helping dogs in need with a portion of the profits.

UltiMutt donates 25p from every box sold to Barking Mad Dog Rescue – a non-profit organisation that rescues and rehomes abandoned dogs from Romania. By subscribing to UltiMutt, therefore, you’ll be making more than one dog happy.

Subscription details and prices

At UltiMutt, there are two subscription plans: monthly, costing £22.99 per box, and bi-monthly, for £27.99 per box.

In other words, if you opt for the bi-monthly option, you’ll receive a box every two months (and be charged the amount above every two months). In both cases, UK delivery is free.

Alongside the subscription options, UltiMutt also offers one-time purchases. These include a surprise box containing seven items (toys, treats, accessories, and grooming products), and a puppy box with five items.

The puppy box costs £20.99. The surprise box costs £29.99 and is a great way to try out UltiMutt’s products before deciding on a subscription.

Find out more here.

Which subscription box should I choose?

All of the above subscription boxes are well worth recommending, achieving consistently excellent reviews and high customer satisfaction.

If you’re not sure which one would be best for you and your dog, consider picking a service that also offers a one-time box – it’ll give you a chance to try out the products and see if your dog enjoys the treats and the toys.

If your pooch has allergies, it’s best to pick a dog subscription box like WufWuf or Collar Club – where intolerances are a factor in deciding what goes into the package.

Whichever subscription box you opt for, chances are your dog will be more than happy. Dogs love playing with new toys and enjoying new treats, so your four-legged friend is sure to be satisfied!

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