4 Best Dog Ramps for Cars UK

Written by: Jamie
Updated: October 30, 2020

Does your dog struggle to get into and out of the car when you’re heading out on trips or journeys together? A dog car ramp could be just what you need. We recommend four of the best in our guide below.

Dog jumping from trunk while girl is holding his leas

Car dog ramps are ideal for anyone with a small, ageing, immobile, or injured pet that needs a bit of help getting up and down.

So, how do you choose the right one for your's and your pet’s needs?

We recommend the best car dog ramps currently available as well as highlight the key features you should be looking at in our handy buyer's guide.

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Our Dog Ramp For Car Reviews

The following are the four most durable and well designed dog car ramps that could find.

Take a quick look in the comparison table below before reading our full reviews that follow.

If you're in a hurry, our number one choice is the PetSafe Telescopic Ramp (read more here).



PetSafe Solvit Telescopic Dog Ramp, 99.06 cm - 182.88 cm, Lightweight and Easily Adjustable


PetSafe Solvit Telescopic Dog Ramp

- Weighs only 5.89kg
- Holds over 180kg
- Anti-slip surface

- Raised guide rails

- Extends from 99cm to 182cm

Hewitt And Blue Large Dog Car Ramp

Hewitt & Blue Large Dog Car Ramp

- Weighs 6.3kg

- Holds up to 110kg
- Extends from 99cm to 182cm

- Non-slip surface

- 5 year warranty

PetSafe Solvit Extra Large Telescopic Pet Ramp

Best for 4x4s

PetSafe Extra Large Telescopic Ramp

- Weighs 8.16kg
- Holds over 135 kg
- Extends from 119cm to 221cm

- Anti-slip surface

- Raised guide rails

Trixie Pet Ramp

Budget Choice

Trixie Pet Ramp

- Weighs 4.5kg

- Holds 90kg

 - Anti-slip surface

- 156cm long


PetSafe Solvit Telescopic Dog Ramp

A strong, adjustable & lightweight ramp that's hard to top!

Our top choice of dog ramp has to be the PetSafe Solvit Telescopic Ramp. It's a durable pet ramp that has some nice touches included that make both your life and your dog's life that little bit easier.

This lightweight dog ramp uses an aluminium frame to keep the weight down to just 5.89kg. It's one of the lighter ramps on the market and is easily stored in the back of the car using the convenient carry handle on the side.

Despite being relatively light, it's capable of holding weights of up to 180kg. That's incredibly strong and more than enough for any dog I've ever seen!

The ramp itself is telescopic, meaning that it can be extended from its base size of 99cm all the way up to 182cm. This means you're able to try out a variety of ramp gradients for your dog and also that it will comfortably accommodate a variety of different car sizes.

The ramp measures just over 43cm in width which isn't huge, but I'd expect all but the very biggest of dogs to be able to manage. The lack of width is also offset by the addition of raised guide rails.

If car boot space is a problem then you'll be glad to know it packs away to 99cm x 43cm x 10.5cm at its most compact.

Stability has also been given thought with the PetSafe Telescopic Ramp. The plastic surface has been textured to provide a grippy and sure footing for your dog. The anti-slip coating gives dogs confidence to climb the ramp and helps to prevents slips and falls. The ends of the ramps use rubber feet to give a stable base when it's being used too.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Adjustable length
  • Folds away
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Raised guide rails


  • Reasonably expensive
  • Might be too narrow for very large dogs

Bottom Line:

We love this car dog ramp and confidently recommend it as our number one choice.

There's not a whole lot a dog ramp can excel in by nature of being just a ramp, but this one ticks all the boxes for safety, durability, and portability.

Great Alternative

Hewitt & Blue Large Dog Car Ramp

If you need a user-friendly solution to help your pet enter and exit a vehicle, this sturdy yet lightweight ramp is easy to set up and put away. With no complex opening or closing mechanism, you can save time when out on the roads.

Holding up to 110kg it's strong enough to support large dogs with ease. Although this ramp only weighs 6.3kg, it can be fully adjusted between 99cm and 182 cm and this makes it ideal for use with cars of any size (but if you're looking for the best dog ramp for 4x4s then check out our next recommendation).

This ramp features SureGrip technology to ensure the surface remains non slip even in the wettest conditions, so that your pet feels secure and safe.

It also has raised guide rails so your dog will be kept from slipping and falling on the ramp while getting into and out of the car.

The addition of a retractable carry handle means it can easily be transported wherever you need to go. A securing strap ensures that the retracted ramp is held in position to prevent accidents too.

This Hewitt and Blue dog ramp comes with an excellent five year manufacturer’s warranty, which is the best warranty we're aware of for one of these ramps.


  • Anti-slip surface
  • Raised guide rails
  • Adjustable length
  • Folds away


Bottom Line:

A solid alternative to our 'Top Pick'. It has many of the same useful features but is just slightly heavier and holds less weight.

Best Dog Ramp For 4x4 Vehicles

PetSafe Extra Large Telescopic Pet Ramp

If you have especially large dogs or an especially large car with high ground clearance then the PetSafe Solvit Extra Large Telescopic Pet Ramp is one worth a close look at. 

Extending from 119cm to 221cm, it is long enough to provide a ramp with a gentle gradient even for vehicles that have raised boots. Just make sure your boot enough is big enough to store it as it measures 119cm x 51cm x 11.5cm at its smallest.

Despite its large size, this ramp is reasonably lightweight and weighs 8.16kg. But, it's strong too and can hold dogs of up to 135kg in weight.

This is the extra large version of our recommended dog ramp and therefore has the same great features.

There's the anti-slip, textured surface that gives even more grip for injured or older animals, raised guide rails to prevent missteps, a carry handle for portability, rubber feet for a stability and a combination of plastic and aluminium build materials that are extremely strong and long lasting.

However, this extra large sized folding dog ramp is only necessary for those with extra large cars. You need a large boot to store it and a high enough ground clearance for a long ramp to be required in the first place


  • Strong
  • Adjustable length
  • Raised guide rails
  • Non-slip surface
  • Folds away


Bottom Line:

Simply the best dog ramp for 4x4s and pickups. Strong, long, and durable.

Best Budget Choice

Trixie Pet Ramp

Dog owners on a budget are sure to appreciate the great value offered by the Trixie Pet Ramp.

Just be aware that it lacks the refinement of our previously recommended ramps. The two main area where it lacks are in its strength and it not being telescopic.

For starters, the weight limit is 90kg. This is dwarfed by some of the stronger ramps on offer here but a 90kg dog is still really quite big!

Secondly, there are only two lengths available. It's either at its most compact (78cm) or at full length (156cm) and nothing in between. 

If these two downsides aren't dealbreakers for you then you have a great value little dog ramp on your hands!

Weighing just 4.5kg it's the lightest folding dog ramp in our guide. This is due to it's lighter plastic construction, lower weight capacity, and also its shorter length.

At 156cm in maximum length it's the shortest ramp on show here. That means the steepest slope, so keep that in mind for dogs that are particularly immobile.

This Trixie dog ramp for car boots also has safety rails on its sides to help guide your pet along the walkway. This boosts their confidence and feeling of safety and encourages them to get into the vehicle.

This ramp is also very easy to clean with a hose or with detergent and a sponge. It is a low maintenance choice that offers even more convenience.


  • Best for dog owners on a budget
  • Lightweight
  • Raised edges
  • Anti-slip surface


  • Not telescopic
  • Not as strong as other options

Bottom Line:

A great choice if you've got a smaller dog or if value for money is at the core of your decision.

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Buyer’s Guide

If you’re ready to choose a dog ramp for your pet, you need to know what to look out for so that you ensure you get a ramp that works well for both you and your dog.

Here, in this buyer’s guide, we take a look at some of the key features that a high quality dog ramp should have so that you can make a well-informed choice when shopping around.

Weight Limit

Different dog ramps are designed to accommodate different sizes and weights of dog. You can’t assume that a ramp that works for one pet will be suitable for use with another.

If you have a small pet, this may not be a problem, but if you have an extremely large or heavy dog, you will need to check the weight limit for each ramp very carefully. This will ensure that your pet will stay safe with no risk of the ramp collapsing when entering or exiting a vehicle.

Dog on a ramp


The length of the ramp that you choose won’t just be dictated by your pet’s size and weight but also by the type of vehicle that you’re planning to use the ramp with. If you have a particularly high car, you will need to consider the gradient of the ramp when it is fully extended.

While a short ramp is going to fit into the back of your car more easily, especially if your car is a small one, the walkway will be much steeper and some dogs are not able to manage such a steep gradient.

If your car is an especially high-riding one or if your pet suffers from major mobility issues, you should choose a longer ramp with a lesser incline even if this takes up more space inside the car.

While you’re considering length, you should also consider the width of the ramp too since a larger dog requires a wider walkway to allow him to enter and exit the vehicle comfortably.

A thin ramp may save space in the back of your car, but if your pet refuses to use it because they don’t feel safe you’ll have wasted your money.

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etSafe Solvit Telescopic Pet Ramp, Extra Large, 119 cm - 220 cm, Large Dogs


Can you easily carry the ramp? How heavy is it and is it something that you can manage alone if necessary?

Older and more infirm dog owners may struggle to lift a very heavy ramp, so choosing a lightweight model could be a better idea. This is especially the case when it comes to lifting the ramp to store it in the vehicle and then lift it out when necessary.

One possibility is to choose a ramp that can be folded down. This allows you to easily store the ramp in your home or in your vehicle when it isn’t in use.

A folding ramp may not be quite as strong as a fixed position one, but it can offer you major benefits if you have a more compact home or vehicle.

Hewitt & Blue Large Dog Car Ramp


It goes without saying that choosing a durable ramp is very important if you want to be sure of getting great value for money in the long run.

Not all ramps have been designed with longevity and sturdiness in mind, so you need to take a closer look at the materials that your chosen ramp is made of to see whether or not it will stand the test of time.

A plastic and metal combination will usually be a good choice to withstand the rigours of regular use, but you should also consider investing in a product that comes complete with a manufacturer’s warranty.

The top selling products come supplied with a guarantee that lasts for several years to give you the peace of mind that you seek when making an investment.

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When you’re choosing a ramp, you need to also think about safety for your pet when they’re walking across the walkway.

A surface that has additional grip built in is a good choice to reassure your pet and yourself that they will remain steady while getting in to or out of the vehicle.

The best car ramps are designed with a special non-slip surface that is properly textured to prevent slippage and falls.

Choosing a ramp that has one of these textured surfaces is particularly important if you have a pet that suffers from mobility issues or who is elderly and needs a little extra help to maintain a secure footing.

Dog on the ramp

While you’re considering finding the right ramp for your pet, you should also consider whether or not guide rails are supplied.

Many models come with fitted railings that help to guide your pet along the ramp safely while protecting them from accidental slips and falls, and these represent an excellent choice for pets of all kinds, but especially those who are elderly or infirm.

When you bear all of these considerations in mind, you should be in a good position to choose the right ramp to allow your pet to enter and exit the car with ease.

Whether you have a nervous pet, a small dog or an arthritic, mobility impaired or elderly pooch, you’ll find a car ramp and ideal way to support your pet when they’re travelling and ease their path into and out of your vehicle so you don’t harm them or hurt yourself in the long run.

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