5 Best Dog Door Flaps UK

Written by: Jamie
Updated: October 22, 2020

Need a reliable and secure dog flap to give your pooch a bit more freedom? We recommend the best options out there right now, be it big, small, automatic, or microchip dog flaps.

French Bulldog looking through door flap

We recommend the best door flaps for dogs. Each is durable secure so you can rest at ease.

Find out which models we recommend as the overall best, best value, best automatic, and best for large dogs below.

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Our Recommended Dog Doors

Start by checking out our recommendations in the comparison table below. 

We cover each model in more detail in the dog flap reviews that follow.



SureFlap Microchip Pet Door


SureFlaps Microchip Pet Door

- Selective entry
- Program to lock & unlock at certain times

- Can be installed in walls, doors, & glass

PetSafe Microchip Activated Cat Flap

Best For Small Dogs

PetSafe Microchip Flap

- Energy efficient
- 3 year warranty

- Works with multiple microchips

PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door Large, Easy Install, Insulating

Best Large Dog Flap

Petsafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

- 3 flap energy efficiency
- 3 year warranty

- Weatherproof seal
- Easy install

PetSafe, Selective Entry, SmartDoor, Automatic Locking, Multi Key, Energy Efficient, Programmable Pet Door, Large Dog and Cat Door

Best Automatic Dog Flap

PetSafe Selective Smart Door

- Collar key identification
- Unlocks up to 5 SmartKeys
- Programmable modes

PetSafe, Staywell, Aluminium Pet Door, Medium, Solid Design, Easy Install

Best Value

PetSafe StayWell Pet Door

- Solid Design
- Easy Fitting
- Manual Locking
- Weather and Draft Protection

Our Dog Flap Reviews

Read about each of our recommendations in more detail as we explain what makes them special.


SureFlaps Microchip Pet Door

This microchip dog flap from SureFlaps happens to be one of the most secure dog flaps on the market and this is one of the reasons it's the dog door we recommend over all others.

It's designed to only open for your dog’s veterinary implanted microchip or an RFID collar tag. That means no unwanted visitors in the middle of the night!

It can actually be programmed to work for up to 32 separate identity tags so it's a great choice if you've got multiple pets. The microchip IDs are really easily programmed into the system with just the touch of a button.

The unit itself is powered by 4x C batteries and is designed to run for around a year before the batteries need replaced. However, if you've got a lot of pets you can expect this to reduce significantly.

But, our favorite thing about this secure dog flap isn't the microchip system. It's the 'Curfew Mode'. This awesome feature allows you to set the door to lock and unlock at any time of day or night. If you don't want your dog going outside early in the morning and waking the neighbors up then simply keep the dog door locked until 9am.

An extremely versatile product, this SureFlaps Microchip Pet Door can be installed almost anywhere you like and can even be fitted to windows. However, you'll need an extra adaptor kit if that's the case. A tunnel extender add-on will also be needed for wall installations. Thankfully, both of these are relatively inexpensive extra purchases.

Energy efficiency is a particular problem with pet flaps but this SureFlaps door is well-equipped to prevent any of those wintery, gusty drafts coming in. The fact that it automatically locks after each entry (or exit) means that there is very little time for the home to be exposed to draughts caused by the flap.

Size-wise it isn't the largest of our dog door recommendations and only comes in one size (if you need an extra large dog flap then don't miss this one).

The flap opening measures 178 mm (width) x 170 mm (height) while the hole required for installation measures 207 mm (width) x 234 mm (height). The installation is slightly different for glass and you'll need a circular hole of 300 mm in diameter. Check out our 'Buyer's Guide' section below to see how to size a dog flap for your pet.


  • Selective entry/exit
  • Programmable timer
  • 3-year warranty
  • Suitable for doors, walls, & glass


  • Only one size
  • Extra adaptor kit needed for glass & wall installation

Bottom Line:

In our opinion, this is the most secure electronic dog flap available. 

The innovative 'Curfew Mode' is an excellent touch that elevates this automatic dog door above the competition.  

Best for Small Dogs

PetSafe Microchip Flap

If your dog is really tiny, there’s no need for a large electronic dog flap. This automatic dog flap works well for both small dogs and cats too.

This flap is one of the easier ones to install yourself. It includes easy-to-read, simple instructions. A nice touch is the free downloadable cutting template, which should help you achieve a precise fit on the first go.

However, it should be noted that the ease of the installation primarily depends on the surface you're putting the door in.

Although this pet door is one of the cheapest of our recommendations, it still has bags of features. It’s energy-efficient with weather stripping technology to help protect your family and home from the draughty elements. It uses a draught excluder and two magnetic closing lock points to increase insulation.

It can also store up to a whopping 40 pets via microchip. It's compatible with most common microchips and this feature allows it to refuse entry to unwelcome local animals.

The microchip reader is powered by four AA batteries which should last around a year before needing to be replaced. There's even a low battery indicator to warn you in plenty of time.

Overall, this flap is pretty durable and can keep up with several little animals running in and out. Just make sure they are little as the flap measures just 150mm x 140 mm on this model. That will comfortably fit most cats but only small dogs.

Just like our first recommendation, this has a three-year warranty to ensure total satisfaction.

This choice is a great option if you are looking for a smaller dog flap that doesn’t break the bank.


  • Energy efficient
  • 3-year warranty
  • For multiple animals
  • Selective entry/exit


  • Only for small dogs
  • Only one size

Bottom Line:

A really secure, auto dog flap that's a great option for those with small dogs.

Best Large Dog flap

Petsafe Extreme Weather Pet Door

Yet another smashing product from Petsafe, this is the best extra large dog flap that we're aware of.

It comes in a variety of sizes (small, medium, large, extra large) with the extra large option having a flap opening of 34.6 cm (width) x 61.9 cm (height). That's more than enough to accommodate some pretty large dogs!

Just like our recommendation for small pooches, this option is easily installed and contains step-by-step instructions for home installation. 

It’s important to note that this particular door is not suitable for a glass fitting. Something to keep in mind when searching for the perfect large dog flap.

Energy efficiency is important and this dog door has three layers of protection to ensure maximum protection. The insulated flaps form a magnetic seal to exclude draughts and cold temperatures. This is a particularly important feature considering the huge size of the opening. 

This piece of kit may be sturdy and certainly strong, but it doesn’t feature microchip (automatic) technology. Powering such a large door flap to open and close would simply be too much for batteries and it just isn't a viable option in a door of this size.

However, it does include a slide-in closing panel (that's secured with clips) for times when you want to restrict access. Two sturdy snap-on panels can ensure the door is tightly sealed, and this will prevent other animals or unwanted visitors gaining access. 


  • Multiple sizes
  • Weatherproof flap
  • 3-year warranty
  • Magnetic seal


  • Not automatic
  • Only locked manually

Bottom Line:

If you need a large, weatherproof door for your pets then this one comes highly recommended by the team.

Best Automatic Dog Flap

PetSafe Selective Smart Door

Petsafe has done it again! Coming in as our favorite automatic dog flap, we present to you the ‘PetSafe Selective Smart Door’. 

This flap ticks hundreds of boxes when it comes to state-of-the-art features. It comes from a well-known brand in the market and certainly doesn’t fail to impress.

It’s a little pricier than the other products but certainly makes up for it with its long list of benefits.

This door works well for larger dogs as it comes in a bigger size than some of the others. Although, if you have something like a Great Dane, it still might be a little small. The flap measures in at 28cm (width) x 48cm (height) which should accommodate medium to large dogs.

Just like all of our other top-rated PetSafe dog flaps, this door is easy enough to install by yourself. It comes with an installation video as well as simple instructions for you to follow. The guide states that there is no need to call for extra help to install this.

It’s weatherproof, sturdy, durable, and with its unique collar key technology, you can give your pets the freedom to come and go as they please even if you’re not at home.

You also have the option to use the SMART LOCK feature if you would like to regulate how often your pet goes out.

These features make it a fantastic option to ensure you keep any unwanted animals or possible strays from entering your home. It also comes with a standard three-year warranty and support service for any urgent enquires.

Overall, it’s a great choice for your doggie’s needs but it’s a little more expensive than our other recommendations.


  • Smart Key technology
  • Suitable for large dogs
  • 3-year warranty


  • Expensive

Bottom Line:

An awesome large dog flap that's got some great automatic features. 

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Best Value

PetSafe StayWell Pet Door

This dog flap doesn’t come with amazing modern technology or micro-chipping connectivity, but it is certainly a cracker of a product.

It’s a well-priced piece of kit and is our 'Value' pick due to this and also the surprising amount of quality it has despite being cheaper than the rest. 

There is the option to purchase this product in either – small, medium, large, and extra-large. At a lesser/extra cost. So it’s a perfect choice for anyone out there and it's certainly great value for money.

As well as being energy efficient, this product (like all PetSafe dog flaps) can be installed and assembled at home. The package includes instructions, an installation guide video, and a free downloadable cutting template to provide you with a precise fit.

It has a weather-resistant, magnetic flap which combined with the pile weather stripping and slide-in closing panel can reduce gusty drafts. It's made of durable plastic (with an aluminium frame) and should survive all your dog can throw at it too.


  • Great value
  • Multiple sizes
  • Weather resistant flap


  • Not automatic 
  • Manual lock

Bottom Line:

The perfect choice for those that just need a simple, functional dog door.


All things considered there's one that we recommend over all others and that's the SureFlaps Microchip Pet Door

The durable design, automatic features, and programmable timer make this a secure dog flap of real quality.

However, none of our recommendations will let you down. It just depends on your specific needs. If you're unsure which to choose then our 'Buyer's Guide' section (coming next) is a great resource.

Buyer’s Guide

If you're unsure about which dog flap is right for your home then this section should be a big help.

We go over the key features of door flaps for dogs and which ones you shouldn't go without.


This is the first and most important aspect to take note of. Always check the individual product dimensions to be sure your dog can fit through comfortably.

Thankfully, sizing a dog door flap is pretty easy. You'll need a tape measure or large ruler and of course your dog!

You only need to take 2 measurements but it's really important that your dog is standing while you do this.

Measurement 1 - the width of your dog's chest.

Measurement 2 - the height from the shoulder to the bottom of the chest.

Dog door flap measurements

Remember, any dog flap you are considering should have at least a 3cm cushion in both its width and height.

Another point to remember here is that this is only the measurement of the opening (or flap). The actual frame will be significantly bigger than this.

Is it easily installed?

Installation, Installation, Installation.

You’ve chosen your perfect dog flap out of hundreds and now you’re wondering how to install it. Don’t worry. We've got you covered further down the page.

Door installations are relatively straightforward as long as your door isn't extra thick. However, glass installations and some walls can be much trickier. You might even need an extra adaptor kit, so watch out there.

Each product comes with instructions, step-by-step guides, and manual videos. Sometimes you even get printable templates that make cutting shapes out of your door much easier.

If you’re still worried about installation, a quick internet browse will direct to some home call-out pages. Installing a dog door flap can start from £50 and move upwards. So shop around to get the best deal, or better yet give it a go alone with the help of a video.

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Dog stuck at the door

Energy efficiency

Making a big hole in your door or wall isn't exactly a smart thing to do if you want an energy efficient home that doesn't let a breeze in. The last thing you want in the winter is a chilly draft from your dog flap.

The more traditional (non-automatic) designs were unfortunately only too prone to this disadvantage. Fortunately, nowadays the current market focuses on weather-resistant and energy-efficient products.

All 5 of our ‘Top 5’ dog flaps are rated as being especially efficient and work well to keep the elements outside- with your dog safe and secure. A number of our top picks feature multiple layered systems as well as clip-on sealed doors for full protection.

The huge benefit of automatic dog flaps is that they close when not being used. This eliminates any annoying draught coming through.

Dog door flap on a light door

Does it stop other animals from entering?

Now, this is a big one, the last thing anyone wants in some unwanted guests in the middle of the night. If you live in an area with a lot of wildlife, you may want to opt for a more technological option. The benefits of microchip/collar activated doors are aplenty.

This feature works well to prevent any other uninvited guests. Some of the options featured can host up to 40 microchipped pets at once. So it doesn’t matter how many you have, they will be able to come and go as they please. 

Other designs feature activated collars that can be worn if your pooch isn’t chipped.

All of our options featured are secure and can be sealed to prevent other animals from entering. That being said, if you tend to spend a lot of time outside, getting an electronic dog flap might just change your life.


When looking for the perfect doggy door, you need to make sure that you search for one made from sturdy material. Steel is a good option, or hard-wearing plastic works well too.

Check the flap’s material, as a flimsy one just won’t do. If you are struggling to find something strong and durable, all 5 of our ‘Top Picks’ have been rated highly for sturdiness and durability. So take a second look if you are having doubts.

Dog looking through a flap


As mentioned above, when buying anything you want something that’s built to last. All 5 of our ‘Top Picks’ have a minimum of a three-year warranty. Be sure to check the fine print when buying anything. Most warranties won’t cover you if you have caused the damage yourself.

When looking for the product that suits you, try to search for a minimum of three years. This can ensure purchase security. If the company is willing to vouch for it. It should be good to go.

Budget for installation

An approximate price for installation costs would be around £50, but this can go up to much, much more depending on the door or surface.

We would suggest trying to give it a go yourself unless you're really poor with DIY or simply unable to.

If not, a good option is to ask friends or family if they know of any 'handymen' or people that do 'odd' jobs, the chances are they will be a bit cheaper.

Don’t panic. It will get done. It’s not the biggest of jobs and shouldn’t take more than a few hours at best.

Fitting a Dog Door 

Here are some tips for choosing and installing your new dog flap.

If you’re still struggling, don’t worry. You will get there. There are a load of videos that can help you too.

Step 1: Do your Prep. (Important.)

What are your buddy’s measurements?

We mentioned this in the 'Size' section above but to quickly recap, you'll need:

1. The width of your dog's chest.

2. The height from the shoulder to the bottom of the chest.

Make sure the flap opening on the door exceeds both of these measurements by at least 3cm.

Labrador head in a flap

You also need to choose which door, window or wall you would like to insert your dog door into. 

Knowing this will help you to decide which door is suitable and also if you need to purchase any extra adaptor kits. Glass installations are definitely the most difficult to do and you'll likely need some professional help.

Door installations are usually the easiest (depending on the type and material of the door) and can usually be done with some basic DIY knowledge. Wall installations can be made tricky depending on the thickness of the wall and the construction material used.

Remember, if you're not the house owner to get permission from whoever is!

Step 2: Getting it in place.

So once you have completed everything else, you need to remove your chosen door from the hinges. Lay it down flat across a couple of blocks, as you would do in a workstation.

Now, place the dog door in the appropriate location on your exterior/chosen door.

Most kits will contain a template to help you through the process. Use your template to mark out where to put the dog door. This will show you where to drill the screws into the exterior door. Making predrilled holes before you set the door in place will make it easier later on.

Finally, choose the appropriate screws and drill bit for your project. You’re going to get cracking in a moment.

Inside view of a regular white flap

Step 3: Install it.

Dependent on your door type, use a reciprocating saw to cut along the outline of the dog flap. For metal doors, you may need a few extra pieces of kit.

Take the inside frame from the doggy door into the opening of the cut-out (from your exterior door). Do the same with the outside frame, and then push them together until they fit neatly.

Next, you will need to secure your pet door by attaching the screws inside the already drilled holes.

There you go. Now it should all be done. If there are any gaps at all you can use caulk to seal it if needed.

Which pet flap do you use? Would you recommend it to others? Are there any models that should be avoided at all costs? We'd love to hear what you think down in the comments section!

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