3 Best Dog Baskets for Bikes UK

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Updated: May 18, 2021

Looking for a reliable dog basket to take your pup out with you on your next adventure? We recommend the perfect dog carriers for a range of different sized dogs.

maltese dog in the bicycle basket on a ride

Not all dogs are made to run for miles, especially if they’re on the smaller side. If you want to take your dog with you on a bike ride but they can’t keep pace, a bicycle dog carrier could be the answer. 

Attaching securely to your handlebars, the dog cycle carrier allows you to transport your pooch safely. Carriers are best suited to smaller breeds but there is a wide range of styles and designs for different dogs.

If you like the idea of taking your furry friend with you on two-wheeled journeys, take a look at the dog bike carriers we recommend below.

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Our Recommended Dog Carriers for Bikes

These are the dog carriers for bikes that deserve your attention.

There's our overall favourite, the great alternative, and the best budget choice.

We review each in more detail down below.

Great Alternative

Barkbay Dog Carrier Basket

  • Padded liner
  • Ventilated mesh windows
  • Bottle holder
  • Safety inner leash

Budget Choice

Hojoy Basket for Bikes

  • Durable, waterproof fabric
  • Woven canvas
  • Fast-install fixed bracket
  • With hand strap


Petsfit Bike Basket for Dogs

Measuring 9.1” and with a weight capacity of up to 5kg, the Petsfit Bike Basket for Dogs is a great pick for smaller breeds.

Attractive, lightweight and strong, it ticks all the boxes for a high-quality dog bike carrier. 

The outside is made from Oxford cloth which is easy to wipe clean. Spot cleaning is recommended but it can also be hand washed if needed. It should be noted that this basket isn’t suitable for machine washing. 

There are mesh panels which ensure the interior is breathable and well-ventilated for your dog. It also includes multiple pockets for water bottles or other accessories.

The reinforced frame and material covering are very tough and durable, but on the inside, there’s a padded fleece mat to ensure your canine is comfortable. 

For optimum security, there is a built-in leash and the fabric at the top of the  carrier can be pulled tight to prevent your dog from leaping out.

When you’ve finished cycling, there are handles which convert the basket into a carrier for easy transportation. 

Like many other types of dog baskets for bikes, it won’t fit on every model. You’ll need at least 9.1” inches between your wheel and your handle bars.

You’ll also need a style of bike where the handles aren’t further forward than the central column to avoid banging the carrier

However, this isn’t a criticism as not all types of cycle dog carriers will fit every bike so check your dimensions carefully before purchase.


  • Uses a secure, quick-release system
  • Padded fleece mat at base
  • Storage pockets
  • Converts into carrying bag with handles


  • Can only carry up to 5kg
  • Not machine-washable

Bottom Line: This dog carrier for bikes from Petsfit is our basket of choice.

Packed full of useful features, it’s comfortable yet practical, making it an enjoyable ride for both owner and dog.

Great Alternative

Barkbay Dog Carrier Basket

The All-In-One Barkbay basket provides dog-owners with the chance to take their pets with them when they set off on a bike ride.

Capable of holding pets weighing up to 8.6kg, the basket is generously sized for small-to-medium breeds of dog. 

The large size means that you’ll need at least 14” between the top of the wheel on your bike and the handlebars. This is to prevent the basket banging or rubbing on your wheel as you cycle.

This size requirement limits the number of bicycles it’s compatible with so make sure you check your measurements carefully before buying.

Attaching to the bike with straps, this dog bike basket features quick-release buckles for easy removal. It also has multiple pockets that you can use to store snacks, drinks and dog toys.

Inside the basket, the removable floor board is covered with a thick sheepskin liner which makes it soft and close. An affixed tether allows you to connect your pet’s harness or leash so they don’t accidentally jump out. 

The design of this basket is smart with a dome top and drawstring finish you can use to shield your dog.

The front also rolls up to reveal mesh panels which help to ventilate the basket, allowing more air to flow through. 

When you’re not cycling you can remove the carrier and convert it to either a shoulder bag, backpack or carrying case for the car.


  • Multi-use function: shoulder bag/backpack/car seat pet carrier
  • Soft, fleece interior
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Quick-release buckles for easy removal


  • Large dimensions don’t fit with all bikes

Bottom Line: A versatile design that supports multifunction use, the Barkbay dog cycle basket is an excellent pick for small to medium sized pooches.

With lots of smart features to ensure your dog’s comfort while adding practicality, this is a carrier that will receive a lot of use.

Budget Choice

Hojoy Basket for Bikes

The Hojoy basket for dogs proves that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to take your canine on your travels.

A budget buy, this bike dog carrier is tough and durable while offering your dog a safe place for transport. 

Unlike many of the other dog baskets, you’ll need some tools to install this one. A bracket screws onto the handlebars which you can clip the basket onto.

You’ll still be able to remove the basket easily, but allow some extra time to get it set up before first use.

Although it’s a little extra work, the screw fixtures mean this basket feels exceptionally secure and robust.

The frame is made from aluminium, so it’s tough yet lightweight. This is covered with a tear-resistant canvas which is also waterproof. 

The space inside the basket is generous but it’s unpadded and rather bare. You’ll therefore need to add your own pillow to provide a comfortable ride for your pooch.

There’s also no tether to prevent them from jumping out, so it’s also suitable for use with very calm dogs.


  • Great value for money
  • Secure attachment system
  • Large and spacious basket
  • Waterproof and tough design


  • Basic design with no padding
  • No tether inside the basket

Bottom Line: The Hojoy day cycle basket offers a solid basis for canine travel. Securely attached and strong, this carrier is made of stern stuff.

It’s not padded inside but for such a low cost, it’s not much of a hassle to add a cushion or blanket yourself.

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happy dog in a bicycle bag enjoying the trip

Buyers’ Guide

If you get the right kind of bike dog carrier, it’s possible to enjoy taking your dog with you on your travels.

However, there are lots of different types of bike dog baskets and if you get the wrong one the experience could be disastrous.

Here’s a look at some of the important factors to consider before making a purchase.

Important Measurements

The carrier should fit onto your bike securely without wobbling around once its fitted. Different bikes have differently shaped handlebars and dimensions so it’s essential to pick a style which matches the shape of your bike. 

The carrier should attach to your bike firmly but it shouldn’t obscure your view. It’s important that your dog has sufficient room in the basket but it shouldn’t block your line of vision.

sleepy dog in bike basket

Weight and Positioning

Not all dog baskets for bikes are mounted in the same position. Some go on the front of the bike while others go on the back.

A front-mounted basket is ideal for dogs that weigh up to approximately 20lbs; anything heavier and they’re better off in a rear-mounted carrier. 

Neither front or rear-mounted carriers are recommended for bigger dogs. If your pet weighs more than 25lb you might want to consider getting a canine trailer instead.

Although it’s critical that you follow the guidelines for maximum weight, don’t forget to think about the shape and size of your dog too.

Some breeds are light but tall, making them unsuitable for a carrier despite being within the weight limits. 

Conversely, if you have a toy breed look for a basket that’s smaller. They won’t feel as comfortable in a larger carrier as it may bump them around more during transit.

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This is the primary concern when transporting your dog in a bike carrier.  You should only ever proceed with the journey if you feel they are safe and secure. 

You may be looking for a bike dog basket which is easy to attach and remove.

However, it should still have enough straps and attachments to stay firmly affixed to the bike once the weight of your dog is added. 

It’s a good idea to pick a carrier that has either a harness or a leash attachment. This prevents an excitable dog from leaping out of the basket when he spots a passing cat.

As well as preventing them from jumping out, a short leash will stop them from moving around too much and destabilising the bike.

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brown dog inside a bike basket


If your dog isn’t comfortable, they will fidget for the whole journey and may be reluctant to return for future trips.

To make cycling with your pooch an enjoyable experience, you should look for a basket they can relax in. 

This means checking to see if they are cushioned or padded at the bottom; no-one wants to sit on a hard surface!

Some designs have a mesh or zippered dome over the top; this protects your dog from the rain or high winds.

However, not all dogs will like being so enclosed so this is a feature you’ll need to consider on an individual basis. 

Mesh panels at the sides can also help to make the carrier more comfortable by increasing ventilation levels.

Extra Features

When you’re taking your dog along for a ride, there are lots of extras you might want to carry too. This could include a collapsible water bowl, treats and maybe a ball or a toy. 

Well-designed bike dog baskets have extra pockets and compartments. This means you can carry extra items without them being tossed in the main basket with your pooch. 

Some baskets are also convertible or suitable for multi use. For example, it might convert into a bed.

If you’re cycling to another location, this saves you having to take along extra provisions to keep your dog comfy.

Other dog bike carrier baskets convert into a backpack carrying case enabling you to transport your pooch around on foot too.

puppy inside bike bag


There’s a good chance that your dog may end up in your basket after getting muddy or dirty, so you’ll need to consider maintenance.

Having a basket that you can easily clean will be a priority. 

This means looking for a material that is either machine-washable or you can simply wipe down with a sponge.

For extra brownie points, check for a removable floor so you can get to any dirt which is lingering at the bottom.

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