Bakers Puppy Food Review

Written by: Jamie
Updated: June 26, 2020

Does Bakers puppy food provide all the valuable nutrition that your growing dog needs? Find out below as we take a close look at the range.

Bakers puppy food range

Bakers is a brand that is a part of the Purina family that comes with over 85 years of experience in the pet nutrition department!

This company works hard to develop great-tasting food that supports your pet to live a long and happy life as well as enjoying delicious food at each mealtime.

The Bakers arm of this pet food company is widely popular with customers across the globe, and they have a wide range of dog food offerings to choose from that will suit your pet across their entire life.

We have looked at the Bakers puppy food that is currently on the market to be able to provide you with a fair and honest review.

Bakers Puppy Food Selection

Feeding a puppy can be daunting, especially when they have only just finished being weaned.

Lots of owners get advice from their dog’s breeder, but it doesn’t make it any less worrying as everyone wants to feed their pet the best they can afford.

Bakers have developed on dry food option that will suit your puppy’s palette, Bakers Chicken and Veg.

It comes in three different sizes, 1.1 kg, 2.85 kg, and 12.5 kg so that you can select the size that suits your wallet the best.

Bakers claim that their food has everything a puppy needs to enjoy a tasty, balanced, and wholesome diet with no need to add any additional meat toppers or treats.

Bakers are committed to improving their recipes as new nutritional information comes to light. 

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Bakers puppy food small

Health Benefits Of Bakers Food

Bakers is made from a wide range of ingredients, and the company claims that each portion comes filled with all the nutrients your pet needs to grow well and enjoy a healthy diet.

You can expect 21% of each bag to be made up of protein, 14% to be made up of meat, and the rest comes from whole grains, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals.

Every bowl of Bakers puppy food is a complete meal, and you can add some warm water to soften it for your growing puppy to be able to eat and digest it easily.

Recently, Bakers released a new and improved recipe as they added more vitamins and minerals as well as more veg to their puppy food to ensure that each meal gives them all the components they need.

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Bakers puppy food

Main Ingredients Of Bakers Dog Food

Bakers put the following ingredients into their puppy food as they say it provides the most balanced diet for growing puppies:

  • Wholegrain cereals (that include wheat and maize).
  • Meat and animal products (mainly from chickens).
  • Vegetable protein.
  • Oils and fats to support healthy skin and coats.
  • Vitamins and minerals that provide everything your puppy needs to be healthy.
  • Peas and carrots offer the vegetable element of their diet.

When combined, these ingredients are purported to offer the perfect breakdown of what a puppy needs.

However, many people question why there is so much cereal as they are concerned that this is just used to bulk out the food rather than provide quality nutrition.

However, Bakers state that this is actually used as a slow-release energy source that will keep your dog going all day long.

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Is This Puppy Food Good Value?

So many of us need to balance providing good quality food alongside a tight budget and so query if this puppy food is actually good value as well as a good choice.

The good news is that when it comes to cost, you can be certain that this brand hits the mark every time.

In addition, as it is so widely sold, you can also expect to enjoy multibuy and special offers from time to time, making it even better value for your dog.

Bakers is a mainstream food choice, and as such, it comes in at a decent prince point even when not on offer.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Buying Bakers?

There are two main issues that arise when talking about Bakers dog food, and they are the lack of flavor choice for puppies and the high wheat content.

Many puppy owners like to be able to offer a wide range of flavors as their dogs get older to help them avoid being too fussy and so they worry that their dog will struggle to transition to adult food when they have only ever eaten one type of puppy food.

Many of the other Bakers puppy food reviews also comment on the high cereal content and feel that even though Bakers claim it is for slow-release energy, that it is still very high and needs to be reduced in place of offering more meat and vegetables.

Bakers recently offered a new recipe, so there is little hope of this changing in the near future.


Bakers puppy food is a good, mid-range puppy food that will help you to provide the proper nourishment to your pet.

The company is part of the Purina family, and this has allowed Bakers to use their nutrition research to create a food that has the right vitamins and minerals to ensure your pet gets all the right stuff into their body.

However, with growing concerns over a lack of variety and high wheat content, you may want to ensure that your puppy does not have any food intolerances that may be exacerbated by eating the food from this brand.

Bakers do offer good value for money, allowing you to give your puppy the right nutrition for a fair price.

Plus, it is easy to pick up as part of your weekly food shop because most stores stock it in the pet food aisle.

In short, our Bakers puppy food review suggests that this is a decent brand that will serve non-fussy, non-intolerant puppies well, helping them to grow into strong and healthy junior and adult dogs.

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