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Updated: June 26, 2020

Find out if Ava puppy food is good enough to provide all the nutrition that your growing puppy needs, as we take a close look at the ingredients.

Ava puppy food range

Advanced Nutrition Vet Approved  – known as AVA – is a high-quality premium brand which is produced by Pets at Home.

Designed to support wellbeing and health, as well as provide superior nutrition, AVA puppy food has a special blend of nutrients to support your growing pup.

Pets at Home produce a range of other foods and products; they’re not just a retailer.

They have created AVA to be a particularly gentle and natural addition to their products, perfect for pooches who are on the sensitive side.

AVA puppy food includes both wet and dry food so you can select the option that suits your pet.

But what do the AVA puppy food reviews make of this product?

Here’s a look at what’s inside the packaging.

Ava puppy food

Range of Foods

When you purchase dog food, some brands offer different options depending on the size of your dog.

AVA goes one step further and caters specifically for certain breeds, such as Shih Tzu, Yorkshire terrier, and many more.

That’s not the case with their puppy food though; this more selective type of food is only available with AVA adult dog food.

AVA puppy food is available in either a wet or dry format. The whole range is made from premium, natural ingredients only and is completely free of pork, soya, dairy, wheat and gluten.

Therefore if you’ve got a dog who’s prone to allergies, this puppy food could be a top pick.

The wet puppy food they offer includes:

  • Chicken pate
  • Chicken and lamb pate

And their dry puppy food:

  • Small breed chicken kibble
  • Medium breed chicken kibble
  • Large breed chicken kibble

Both 2kg and 15kg size bags are available.

The kibble is sold in bags for either small, medium and large breeds, which is a simplified version of their breed-specific adult food.

It’s important to pick the type that corresponds with your pooch’s breed because the individual kibble will be sized for your dog’s mouth.

Kibble which is too small won’t feel satisfying for your canine, and if it’s too big, they may struggle to eat comfortably.

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Ava wet puppy food

Health Benefits of Ava Puppy Food

No matter which type of AVA puppy food you select, your dog will be enjoying natural ingredients with no artificial additives.

The formula focuses on skin, coat and digestion to help your dog look and feel their best.

Puppy food has very different requirements than adult dog food and AVA has received official approval from vets.

It has been formulated to deliver a high-calorie diet which is rich in important nutrients to encourage healthy growth and development.

The protein is carefully chosen to be easily digestible by immature canine systems. It contains slow-release carbohydrates to support steady energy levels plus soluble and insoluble fibre to aid digestion.

Ongoing brain development, kidney health plus skin and coat conditioning are supported by nutrients which include Omega-3 and Omega-6.

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ava dog food 2

Beneficial Ingredients

AVA is a dog food which aims to go beyond just providing good nutrition; the blend of ingredients help to improve your pooch’s health and get them in tip-top condition.

It does this by not only relying on the highest quality proteins and ingredients but including their own special blend of nutrients.

Known as +Imuvita, this collection of extracts has been carefully selected to boost your dog’s wellbeing. It includes green tea extract, cranberry, beta-glucans and pomegranate.

Brewer’s Yeast is also included as an ingredient because of the health benefits it’s linked with. In dogs, Brewer’s Yeast is believed to promote healthy function of the eyes and liver, plus boost the hair and skin.

Brewer’s Yeast includes B vitamins as well as a whole host of minerals including chromium, selenium, zinc, potassium and iron.

These are good for your canine’s body in many different ways, such as supporting the immune system and helping with the production of red blood cells.

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Is Ava Dog Food Good Value for Money?

AVA puppy food is geared towards dogs who have sensitivities and owners who want to ensure that they’re buying high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

This means it’s not aimed at the budget market and is competing with other premium brands.

Compared to other puppy foods which have a similar profile, AVA is middle of the range.

It’s not the cheapest food nor is it the most expensive. Broadly speaking, it’s on a par with brands such as Iams.

Are There Any Negatives?

Although Brewer’s Yeast is associated with many health benefits in dogs, it can be problematic for some.

If you notice your dog is suffering with more gas than usual or is bloated, this could be due to the Brewer’s Yeast in the food.

Most dogs only suffer from mild symptoms which quickly pass but for others, the problem can be quite severe.

This is more likely to occur in dogs which have known digestive difficulties or a breed which has a tendency to bloat.

Larger breeds with deep chests are more likely to have tendency to bloat (such as St Bernard, Weimaraner, Irish Setter and Great Dane).

Brewer’s Yeast also has the potential to interfere with any medication your dog may be taking.

This is especially the case if the medication includes any Brewer’s Yeast already. Although the amounts involved are quite small, it’s best to clear it with your vet first.


AVA puppy food is one of the premium brands from Pets at Home that offers dog owners the opportunity to buy a natural, hypoallergenic formula which has been carefully blended to provide optimal health benefits.

Compared to lots of other dog foods, AVA stands out for its commitment to quality, receiving vet approval on the formula.

AVA dog food puppy reviews reflect this fact with the majority of owners praising it, and describing the positive effect on their canine.

If you want a dog food that will deliver a real bargain, AVA probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

However, if you’re searching for a premium puppy food that contains high levels of protein and no hypoallergenic ingredients, this formula is very affordable.

Alternatives to AVA include Iams, Eukanuba, Skinners and Autarky, which range from cheaper than AVA to more expensive.

However, even with the alternatives, there are very few which are high in protein, a complete food, and hypoallergenic in the same way that AVA is.

For this reason, it’s widely rated by veterinary professionals as a top food for your pup.

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