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Updated: May 5, 2020

How does AVA dog food stand up in a crowded market place? We take a close look at its nutritional value and value for money.


Ava dog food range

AVA dog food is available either online or through Pets at Home stores.

Although this brand isn’t as widely sold in the UK as many of its rivals, it is, nevertheless, a popular brand that is continuing to expand and thrive.

The Pets at Home brand began in the early 1990s in Chester and has grown to encompass almost 450 stores across the country and Australia together with its own online eCommerce store.

It also bought out Petsmart UK and rebranded those stores to bring them under the same umbrella brand. However, the company was acquired by KKR, an American company, and in 2014 it was put up for public offering.

Like most other premium brands, the AVA pet food product range comprises a wide variety of options to suit dogs with a variety of needs, so there’s sure to be a variant that meets your pet’s requirements.

From foods that are designed specifically for older dogs or those with special diets to puppy foods and standard products for adult dogs, you can find out more about whether this is the right food for your pet in this AVA dog food review.

Which Foods Are In The AVA Range?

AVA food comes in three different formats:

  • Grain-free foods
  • Canned wet food
  • Dry kibble

Within these different formats, there are several different recipes to choose from.

The dry line has 16 different recipes while there are 30 different canned food recipes and 10 different grain-free options.

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ava dog food 2

Does AVA Food Contain Beneficial Ingredients?

The AVA product range includes multiple different recipes that have been formulated to support pets that have a range of medical issues such as sensitive skin, allergies and weight control problems.

These foods have been made with quality ingredients including healthy proteins selected for their ability to support good health without making underlying conditions worse.

Some of the recipes are even grain-free so the chances of allergic reactions are minimised even further.

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The sources of protein chosen for AVA’s food range are highly digestible and contain Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins that are known to support good skin health and improve the coat’s appearance.

Meanwhile, other quality ingredients like sweet potato have been included to ensure a consistent burn of energy between meals with less effect on blood sugar levels as well as a high level of fibre, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

The AVA range also includes a line of recipes that have been specially created for designer and pure breed dogs, containing the precise nutrition each breed requires.

All of these products contain +Imuvita, AVA’s proprietary ingredient that supports dogs’ immune systems.

Made up of green tea, cranberry, pomegranate extracts and beta-glucans, all ingredients that are high in vitamins and antioxidants, +Imuvita speeds the process of healing while boosting immunity.

These foods are also hypoallergenic, containing no soy, wheat gluten, wheat or pork, so no unwanted allergic reactions should occur when feeding your pet this food.

Other beneficial ingredients can also be found in many of the recipes including joint supplements to promote good joint health – something that is ideal for older pets who may suffer from arthritis.

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Is AVA Food Good Value For Money?

AVA food products aren’t the cheapest by any means, but they are certainly high quality.

With a great choice of specialist products in their line, they represent good value for money, particularly if your pet requires a special diet due to allergies or other medical issues.

Are There Any Drawbacks To AVA Products?

Overall, AVA dog foods are a reliable and reputable choice for any dog owner, however, there are few considerations you may wish to bear in mind before you make a final decision about which products to buy for your pet.

Firstly, although AVA foods are primarily made up of premium quality ingredients that are rich in nutritious protein and vitamins to promote good health and well-being in your pet, there are some less high-quality ingredients used in many of their recipes.

For example, beet pulp is used in some of their foods. This is a lower quality filler ingredient which has sometimes been linked to health issues and allergic reactions in pets.

It has also been associated with increased bloating and gas in pets which may be undesirable in your dog.

Some of AVA’s food products are also high in carbohydrates.

While these make your pet feel full and satisfied, they can contribute to weight gain which could be problematic for certain pets – for example spayed bitches who are prone to excess weight gain that can put strain on your dog’s heart and joints.

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Should I Buy AVA Pet Food?

If you’re reading AVA dog food reviews you’ll be wondering whether or not to choose this range of dog foods as the right option for your four legged friend.

While, of course, the final decision must be yours, we can say that, overall, AVA pet food is a good choice for most pet owners.

Whether your dog has special dietary needs or you’re just looking for a reliable and trustworthy brand that uses mostly quality ingredients in its product range, you’ll find AVA’s food varieties a good option for your furry companion.

AVA is an especially good choice if you’re looking for specialist food products to meet your pet breed’s precise dietary requirements since this is something that this brand can offer that many others cannot.

You’ll find that, although this food brand isn’t the cheapest available these days, it is comparable in cost to other similar brands like Royal Canin and Wainwrights.

However, both of these are more widely available since they can be found in more stores than AVA, so if you don’t have Pets at Home near your home, you may wish to opt for one of these alternatives instead.

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  1. I didn’t know who to tell this story but I thought you’d like to hear it.

    We have always used AVA pet food for years now, as we had two small senior dogs (who both past away over lockdown, first was an accident downstairs (she was 12year old) then four weeks later my jack Russell “Baz” 17 years old, died of a broken heart) I said that I would replace them, but don’t we all.

    Two months on we fell in love with a beautiful Red Welsh Collie Cross. I will send you pictures if your interested. When it came to naming her, we wanted to choose a traditional welsh name for her…. after running a search on google, we found the most perfect name for her, so we told the breeder, who also agreed that her name suited her personality. It must of been a couple of days before I realised the obvious connection. Especially when I went into the shed to get her dog food out……. it hit me
    We had named her Ava (yes the same spelling) but the reason was totally nothing to do with her food or the fact that I’d been buying the product for years…….. we spell her name Ava because that is the welsh spelling for Eva

    She is such a beautiful bitch. I felt like I needed to tell you, especially as this connection was made by accident 🦊(did I forget to mention with her being a red welsh collie she looks more like a little fox (how cute))

    I would love her to be involved with the product (marketing or something).

    Hope to here from you again

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