Autarky Dog Food Review

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Updated: August 13, 2020

Autarky prides itself on using high-quality ingredients at an affordable price. Continue reading to learn more about this popular dog food!

Autarky Dog Food Puppy Junior variant

Autarky produces a range of dry dog food which has been developed with input from a canine nutritionist to offer high-quality at a low cost.

With options for dogs at every stage of their life, as well as more active working dogs, there’s a formula to suit all needs.

Autarky also recognize the dilemma that many owners face with a dog who has a sensitive stomach. That’s why they have included hypoallergenic and grain-free recipes, as well as dog food which is gluten-free too.

What this means is that no matter what your dog needs from their diet, you’ll be able to find an Autarky food they can enjoy.

The emphasis is firmly on high nutritional value with no nasty additives or chemicals, but at an affordable price-point.

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Range of Autarky Dog Foods

As mentioned above, Autarky are proud of the fact that they offer solid nutritional content with options to meet the needs of any dog.

Whether you’ve got a young pup, a senior or a dog that’s got digestive issues, there’s an Autarky feed that will tick every box.

Autarky Dog Food Mature Lite products

There isn’t a huge amount of flavors compared to some of its competitors so if you like to give your canine plenty of variety, you might be a bit disappointed. The Autarky range offers:

  • Puppy/Junior – Delicious Chicken
  • Adult – Delicious Chicken
  • Adult – Succulent Salmon
  • Mature Lite – Delicious Chicken
  • Mature Lite – Succulent Salmon
  • Adult Grain-Free – White Fish and Potato
  • Adult Grain-Free – Tantalizing Turkey and Potato

Every formula has been created to offer a complete nutritional feed so there’s no need to top Autarky up with any additional dog food.

Autarky Dog Food Adult variant

If you prefer, you can add water or gravy to any of the kibbles, but ensure that it isn’t at boiling temperature, This prevents the vitamins and minerals from being damaged.

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Healthy Ingredients and Benefits

Before we look at what’s in Autarky, it’s worth mentioning what isn’t. You won’t find any artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives in any of the formulas.

Autarky have a strict philosophy of developing their recipes only using high-quality raw food. There’s nothing added apart from natural antioxidants.

If you’re trying to avoid any particular ingredient, you can just check the packaging. Autarky are open and transparent about everything that goes into each type of dog food so even the smallest ingredient is listed on the label.Autarky Dog Food Adult variant

This may sound obvious but not all ingredients are included in the labelling of pet food so it’s a clear advantage for picky eaters or dogs with allergies.

Protein is essential for energy and overall canine health and this ranges from 17% (for the Lite foods) to a whopping 27%. This comes from meat and fish rather than cheaper derivatives, making it easier for your dog to metabolize and digest.

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Some of the formulas are protective of joint health, including green-lipped mussel, glucosamine, olive extract, and marine algae. This is especially important for older dogs or breeds more prone to joint degeneration. The Autarky Grain Free Tantalizing Turkey and Potato is one recipe that contains this.

Carbohydrates are provided by slow-release ingredients such as potato and sweet potato, providing a steady supply of energy and preventing unwanted spikes.

Vitamin B and zinc help to keep the skin in good condition and the coat shiny and glossy.

Even if you don’t opt for the grain-free food, digestive health gets a boost from prebiotics, plus the antioxidants support the immune system.

It’s not just about the benefits for the dog though. Yucca is also included which helps to cut back on unpleasant fecal odors by as much as 26%. There’s not a dog owner around who wouldn’t appreciate that!

Is Autarky Dog Food Good Value for Money?

Autarky prides itself on the quality of its ingredients and goes the extra mile to include plant and herb extracts to compliment the protein.

It’s therefore quite surprising to discover that it’s also excellent value for money.

Compared to other similar feeds the price is either on par or cheaper than most other brands.

The Autarky grain-free dog food works out more expensive more day than the other recipes. However, once again, in comparison to other grain-free dog food brands on the market, it’s either similar or cheaper than most.

Are there any Drawbacks to Choosing Autarky?

Autarky is a premium kibble with recipes that are carefully balanced and researched, with a commitment to using the best raw and natural ingredients.

There are lots of benefits and many Autarky dog food reviews demonstrate that owners – and pooches! – are very happy with the brand.

The lack of variety is one small drawback, especially if your dog is somewhat picky.

Autarky Dog Food Adult variants

The other problem with the limited range is that three out of seven available recipes contain chicken. Unfortunately, this is a known allergen for many dogs.

Therefore, while Autarky scores highly for offering hypoallergenic formulas and avoiding gluten and wheat, your dog may still struggle to tolerate it.

Of course, Autarky Salmon is an alternative and this may suit your dog instead.

The other small issue is that they use maize as a bulking agent. This is tolerated fairly well compared to other possible ingredients but may still be difficult to digest for some dogs.

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Our Thoughts

Overall, Autarky is a brand which achieves the near-impossible: combining high quality with great value.

They have a clear dedication to only using natural ingredients, and don’t add any artificial fillers to fluff out the food.

Good alternatives to Autarky could include Eukanuba, but this is pricier. Another option is CSJ but there is controversy about the nutritional content, with opinion divided.

For other grain-free brands, you could take a look at Dr John Grain-Free or Wainwright’s Grain-Free but both are more expensive.

If you don’t mind the lack of variety and are looking for a good balance of value and nutrition, Autarky is one dog food brand that genuinely scores well.

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  1. Have to say thatI have found Autary range absolutely ideal for my 4rescue Greyhounds one of whom has a very easily unbalanced digestive tract. Good value, nutritious, very tasty todogsand in a range that fits allmy dogs needs from a 2 year old up to 12 years

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