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Updated: May 5, 2020

Is Arden Grange dog food the nutritional and tasty food you’ve been looking for? Find out in our latest review here at Woof Bark Growl.

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Arden Grange dog food was originally established by Wendy and Graham Stephens back in 1996. The company is based in Sussex, UK.

Before establishing a pet food company, the couple had been breeding Ardenburg German Shepherds and had been showing them for several years.

This food was developed based on their own desire to feed their dogs the best possible quality dog food.

Arden Grange, therefore, was probably the very first product in its category to use fresh human-grade chicken as a primary ingredient.

The brand has quite an extensive range of products to cover all types of pets from seniors to puppies.

If you’re wondering whether this could be the best brand to suit your four-legged friend, read this Arden Grange dog food review to learn more.

What Foods Are In The Arden Grange Range?

The Arden Grange product line is very extensive, encompassing all of the following:

  • Puppy foods for large and small breeds as well as sensitive puppy foods (read our separate Arden Grange puppy food review).
  • Wet dog foods
  • Foods for dogs requiring specialist diets including grain free
  • Low fat foods
  • Food for senior dogs
  • Adult dog foods for large and small breeds
  • Food for pregnant and lactating dogs

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What Are The Health Benefits Of This Food?

This brand offers a host of health benefits.

For a start, the range encompasses products that are designed specifically for dogs that need specialist diets.

However, even the regular range of adult dog food is naturally hypoallergenic and contains ingredients that are known to be beneficial to dogs’ health and well-being.

Ingredients such as yucca extract, krill, joint supplements, and prebiotics are included, so your furry friend can enjoy optimal well-being.

This food also contains easily digestible, premium-quality sources of protein like chicken, and since it contains no wheat, beef, gluten, soy or dairy products, it will ensure that there are no negative health impacts on any dogs that have a food allergy or sensitivity.

It also contains absolutely no artificial colours or flavourings and since it’s rich in vitamins E, D3 and A, it helps to maintain health and promote growth.

Arden Grange food contains antioxidants too which are known to reduce the chance of your pet developing some types of cancer or heart disease.

It also contains trace elements of copper and zinc to support your pet’s digestive health and healthy skin.

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Is Arden Grange Good Value For Money?

Although this isn’t the cheapest dog food on the market, it’s important to bear in mind the quality of the ingredients and the nutrition that it is providing for your pet.

Arden Grange use only premium ingredients in its foods, and with high-quality protein sources like human-grade fresh chicken, it’s easy to see that this is certainly a trustworthy and premium product.

Some of the product ranges are more expensive than others, but that is true across the board – products for pets that require specialist diets are always more costly than standard products – but with the high quality, natural nutrition that they provide, these branded dog foods certainly represent value for money.

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Are There Any Drawbacks?

Although Arden Grange food is good quality, there are a few drawbacks that you might want to consider before you make a final decision.

Firstly, while one of the main ingredients is rice – a good quality grain – corn is also use in this food and this is somewhat less desirable.

Corn is harder to digest and has a lower nutritional value for dogs. It may also cause yeast infections or allergies in your pet.

Also, beet pulp is used as a filler ingredient. This is also not the highest quality ingredient since beet pulp is a by-product of sugar beets that have been used to manufacture sugar.

It’s actually quite a controversial dog food ingredient since some manufacturers say that it’s a good fibre source while others say that it can cause stress on the liver and kidneys.

It has also been linked to problems such as ear infections and allergic reactions. Also, egg powder is used in this food rather than whole eggs.

Nevertheless, these are relatively small concerns and overall, the quality of Arden Grange products is very high, with dogs enjoying the taste and owners reporting a high level of satisfaction.

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Should I Buy Arden Grange Pet Food?

If you’re reading Arden Grange dog food reviews you’re certainly trying to decide whether or not it’s the right choice for your pet, so here is an overall opinion of whether this is a good choice of pet food for your furry companion.

Overall, Arden Grange is a quality product that uses all natural and mostly premium quality ingredients.

It contains many vitamins and other nutritious ingredients that are known to promote good pet health, and with such a wide range of dog foods within the product range, there’s sure to be one that suits the requirements of your pet, whatever its age, size or health needs.

Although this brand is far from being the cheapest on the market, it still offers good value for money when bearing in mind the quality of the ingredients that have gone into producing these products and the good reputation that this dog food company has in the marketplace.

You can be confident that you’ll be buying from a trustworthy and reliable supplier if you opt for this dog food brand and you can rest assured that your pet will enjoy good nutrition that also tastes great.

If you aren’t sure that Arden Grange is the right choice of pet food for you, there are a few suitable alternatives that you may wish to consider.

The Autarky dog food range, the Royal Canin range and Burgess dog foods are all of similar quality and offer similar varieties such as foods to meet special dietary needs, although the prices may vary.

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