Applaws Dog Food Reviewed

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Updated: August 10, 2020

If you are looking for a dog food company that cares about the flavor of the foods they provide, Applaws Brings a lot to the table with a very interesting approach.

Applaws Dog Food

Instead of focusing on the meal itself, Applaws dog food has created a range of food toppers to brighten up the meals you feed to your pet.

The way it works is simple. All that is required is to select the flavor that is best suited to your dog and pour it on top of the regular dry food that you give.

There are many different flavors available, so your pet never has to get bored at mealtimes again.

The Applaws Range

Applaws is a fairly new dog food company and we think that with time there will be additional flavors added to the range of food toppers available today.

That said, the recipes that are available are rich in nutritional content and bursting with flavor.

The current product range includes five categories, with each having a couple of different recipes to choose from. The categories include Terrine, Gravy, Fillet, Broth, and Bone Broth.

Terrine: Terrine is a soft food topper made with chicken or beef and vegetables.

The recipes in this line are very simple and can be included with virtually every type of dry or wet food.

The two types that you can choose from are Chicken Breast with Pumpkin Terrine Cup and Beef with Liver, Peas and Carrot Terrine Cup.

Applaws Dog Food Terrine variant

Gravy: The Gravy line is exactly what the name suggests. Pouches of gravy that can be added to your god’s meals with ease.

There are two different flavor choices to choose from and your dog will likely love them both.

Lamb with Zucchini, Carrots, and Chickpeas in Gravy is one of the most talked about gravies in the Applaws dog food reviews we have seen, but the other option is also quite popular.

If lamb in gravy isn’t what you are looking for, give Chicken Breast with White Beans, Peas and Pumpkin in Gravy a try.

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Applaws Dog Food Gravy variant

Fillet: Fillet is a food topper that comes with a bit more substance than the previously mentioned lines.

You get your choice between beef and chicken fillets and they come in a convenient package. One great thing about the filet option is that you don’t have to give the beef or chicken fillet food topper with a meal.

Fillets work perfectly as treats and quick snacks while out and about.

Applaws Dog Food Fillet variant

Broth: The Broth option (as well as the bone broth) is a fantastic way to soften your dog’s regular dry food.

Apart from the added moister and intense flavor, Broth also adds a bit of texture to your dog’s meal. Coming in either chicken or beef, the meats are shredded making it easy for dogs to chew up and digest.

The two broth flavors are Chicken Breast with Broccoli, Apple and Quinoa in Broth Pouch, and Beef with Green Beans, Sweet Potato and Red Bell Pepper in Broth.

It is easy to see from names like these gravy pouches add an explosive bit of flavor to any other dish you put them on.

Applaws Dog Food Broth variant

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Bone Broth: For many, the idea of adding more meat and veggie content to an already full meal might be difficult to balance and calculate proper amounts of food.

In cases like that, Bone Broth is the perfect food topper to use. Bone Broth is made from either chicken or beef bone and is packed together with turmeric and parsley.

Bone Broth is more of a liquid gel than the other food toppers available at Applaws. The pouch has a convenient screw on top allowing pet owners to store the bone broth in the fridge or take the pouch on the road for blasts of flavor while out and about.Applaws Dog Food Bone Broth variant

Health Benefits

The health benefits that come from Applaws food toppers are the same that you would expect from any all-natural, grain-free diet with additional meat and veggie content.

The lack of additives and fillers makes it easier for dogs to avoid all of the health issues that come from eating things that just shouldn’t be eaten.

The lack of grains means that the food toppers are easy to digest, and the high meat content adds more of what your dog needs to stay healthy.

Among other things, a healthy diet also encourages a better coat, better energy levels, healthier teeth and bones, and much more.


One of the best things about Applaws is that they make it easy to add extra protein to a dog’s diet.

Whether you are looking for chicken, beef, or lamb, all of the protein sources used in the food toppers are 100% natural and sustainably sourced.

The same is true for the botanicals used. All of the recipes include a mixture of botanicals, such as peas, pumpkin, and white beans, and they, too, are natural and sourced responsibly.


Applaws food toppers are great value. The product cannot really be compared with traditional dog food because Applaws is not meant to be a stand-alone replacement for a dog’s regular diet.

Applaws allows pet owners to add some extra punch to their pet’s meals to either get them to eat, add nutritional value, or simply treat them to something nice.

Applaws Dog Food products


Applaws is great at what is does and the only drawbacks that we could find for this Applaws dog food review are that some dog owners might not want to buy into an additional component to the feeding schedule.

Another thing some pet owners would have to consider is how to calculate proper feeding amounts when adding in a new element to a dog’s diet.

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Applaws provides a lot of answers to plenty of dog owners. Whether dealing with picky eaters, dogs with sensitive stomachs or dogs that need to put on a little extra weight, the benefits that come from using food toppers are certainly many.

In terms of value, the prices are surprisingly low and Applaws also allows the main food to last much longer.

If you are looking for alternatives, you won’t find any direct competitors. That said, there are some other raw and wet food options that could be used in a similar way. Guru dog food and Nutriment are both worth a look.

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