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Written by: Jamie
Updated: October 5, 2020

Find out what we think about Alpha dog food in our review. We compare what it has to offer with the similarly priced competition.

Alpha Dog Food Chicken meal variant

Alpha Dog Food has been serving dog owners for some time. The company formed in 2012 and decided to begin with a completely different model than elsewhere.

This dog food was intended to be bought online on a rolling basis, with repeat orders arriving automatically every month.

There are others in the market who now adopt a similar process, but back in 2012 it was a novel concept. Over the years, Alpha Dog Food proved that it was possible to provide food in bulk while still retaining the highest levels of quality.

But is Alpha Dog Food as good as it claims? Here’s a closer look.

Range of Alpha Dog Food

Alpha Dog Food offers a variety of formulas for the various stages of a dog’s life. Many of their formulas are so natural and gentle that they can be used for both puppies and adult dogs, saving you the need to switch them over as they grow.

The different formulas included in their range are:

  • Chicken meal dog food – all life stages
  • Grain-free dog food – all life stages
  • Salmon dog food – all life stages
  • Lamb meal dog food – all life stages
  • Adult maintenance dog food
  • Lean dog food – adult maintenance
  • Whitefish grain-free dog food – hunting dog food
  • Buffalo meal and brown rice – all life stages

Alpha Dog Food Salmon meal variant

If your dog is carrying extra pounds, or is a breed that’s prone to easily becoming overweight, the Lean dog food formula is ideal. Designed to deliver maximum nutrition without calorific overload, it also helps to protect the joints by keeping your dog trim.

For canines that are very active, such as working or hunting dogs, the formula of the whitefish grain-free dog food will meet all their needs. Containing whitefish and duck for protein, the formula helps to prevent injuries that can occur through high levels of activity or physical stress.

If you’re searching for Alpha puppy dog food, you won’t find a specific formula. However, providing you avoid the kibble that’s labelled for adults only, your pup can eat any of the other formulas.

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Health Benefits and Ingredients

Although you can buy these bags of dog food in bulk, the key difference here is that there’s an emphasis on quality. There’s nothing cheap stuffed into the food to fill it up or pad it out. Even the proteins are processed to human consumption standards, giving your pooch the very best a dog can get.

Alpha Dog Food Lean Dog Adult Maintenance variant

Some of the healthy ingredients in Alpha include:

  • Protein suitable for human consumption that supports healthy bones, muscles and immune systems
  • Essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) for a shiny coat, high energy and a healthy brain
  • Fiber from fruit and vegetables to protect urinary tract and digestive health
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health
  • Whole food vitamins and chelated minerals for superior absorption
  • Probiotic acidophilus to encourage growth of healthy bacteria

The formulas do not contain any wheat, corn or by-products and no artificial coloring or flavoring. This minimizes allergic reactions and ensures the food is gentle on the stomach for every dog.

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Is Alpha Dog Food Good Value?

One of the strong selling points of Alpha Dog Food is the low price, along with the convenience. Their reason for developing the brand was offering an automatically renewing order which delivered competitive pricing together with quality.

Although there were/are other brands which are an online retailer, Alpha discovered that the dog food being offered was more or less the same as that being sold in supermarkets. It set out to offer equivalent value for money but a quality which far surpassed what was originally available.

Alpha Dog Food Whitefish Grain Free Hunting Dog Food variant

There are lots of ways in which Alpha Dog Food manage to keep their prices low. The packaging they use isn’t as fancy as you might find elsewhere, and they use repurposed shipping boxes. This has the dual benefits of cutting costs and also being environmentally friendly.

You can also place bulk orders with Alpha and take advantage of the huge discounts this brings. Most retailers can’t offer quantity orders, leaving you out of pocket. As the kibble has a very long shelf life, many customers choose to place large orders giving them the maximum cost-saving benefits.

Any Negatives?

Alpha dog food reviews are generally very positive with owners describing in detail how much money they’ve saved. They also report their dogs gobbling up the kibble enthusiastically, providing the best of both worlds!

However, you will need to choose the formula carefully if you’re concerned about protein levels. If you check the ingredients list, you’ll notice there are some marked differences in protein. The formula for working dogs offers a whopping 30%, ideal for a high-energy diet. Other formulas fall within the average range, but certain flavors are lower to the bottom.

Alpha Dog Food Lamb Meal Dog Food variant

Although every formula is carefully balanced for optimum nutrition if you are keen to increase protein levels look for a flavor that is around 22-25%.

The other drawback of Alpha is that if you run out of dog food, you can’t just pop out to the store. With an auto-renewing system and bulk orders available, this should never be the case!

You will need to keep an eye on your levels of dog food and make sure that your next order will arrive in time so your pooch isn’t left with a rumbling tummy!

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Our Final Thoughts 

Ordering dog food online may be commonplace now but Alpha Dog Food was one of the pioneers. They continue to offer a very convenient complete dog food that delivers excellent nutrition as well as value for money.

Other providers such as Tails offer a similar service but don’t have the same capacity for bulk, and they are more expensive. We’re therefore of the opinion that Alpha Dog Food is an excellent balance and providing you choose the right formula for your needs, will deliver all your dog requires.

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