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Updated: September 2, 2020

Is the Akela dog food diet really one your dog needs? We take a close look at the ingredients and their nutritional value.

Akela Dog Food variants

When you discover that Akela was the name of the lead wolf in Jungle Book, you’ll instantly get an idea of what this dog food brand is all about.

Embracing the natural wolf diet. Akela offers a range of dog foods that are based on what a carnivore would have eaten in the wild. With a diverse range of flavors and a whole host of extra ingredients, Akela scores very highly with owners.

But is the glowing praise of Akela dog food reviews well-deserved? Here’s a look at what you’ll get in each pack.

The Akela Range of Dog Foods

Akela provide a range of both wet and dry food which is available in an impressive array of flavors. This means even if you have a dog who is a bit picky, you should be able to find a formula that meets with their approval.

Although their food can be enjoyed by any canine, the premium formulas are specifically suited to working dogs such as sheep dogs, police dogs, and those in the military.

The Akela 70:30 wet food is available in the following flavors:

  • Original (combines turkey, fish and chicken)
  • Spring Lamb
  • Fish Feast ((herring, salmon, trout whitefish and tuna)
  • Wild Game (reindeer, venison and wild boar)
  • Kangaroo
  • Chicken with Goose
  • Angus Beef
  • Veal with Venison

Akela Dog Food variants

The Akela 80:20 whole prey dog food is available as either dry extruded or 50:50 cold-pressed  in the following flavors:

  • Original (turkey, chicken, fish and free-range egg)
  • Fish Feast (herring, salmon, trout whitefish and tuna)
  • Suffolk Duck
  • Scottish Salmon

Akela Dog Food variants

The Akela 80/20 also has Puppy Salmon which is suitable for smaller breeds as well as young dogs. All kibble can be selected in three different sizes: small, medium, and big paws.

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Unlike most other manufacturers, Akela also offer a range of raw food that can be fed together with its wet food and kibble. The 85:15 frozen raw food working dog food includes:

  • British Turkey
  • British Duck
  • British Lamb
  • British Beef
  • British Chicken

Akela Dog Food variants

Minimum ordering quantities apply to their frozen raw food due to reducing defrosting.

Healthy Ingredients and Benefits

Akela adopt what they describe as a “whole prey” diet. This means that their food follows the natural ancestral wolf diet as closely as possible.

Akela food contains not just meat but liver, cartilage, edible bone, and fat to provide canines with complete nutrition as they would have had in the wild.

They also include alternatives to traditional proteins for dogs who are prone to allergies or digestive upset. These flavors include Suffolk Duck and Akela Kangaroo.

Akela Dog Food variants

All of the ingredients used by Akela are subject to stringent quality checks. They try to source as much as they can locally and from sustainable providers.

One principle that Akela are clear on is only using meat which has been cage-free. They say this is one of the reasons they don’t include rabbit in their selection. All of the poultry and animals have led cage-free lives prior to slaughter.

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However, Akela offer more than just ethical and high-quality meat. Their formulas also include a whole host of other ingredients which are beneficial to your pooch. These include:

  • Free-range eggs – for protein, minerals, vitamins and fat
  • Scottish salmon oil – adds essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 to promote healthy skin and coat
  • Sweet potato – slow-release energy plus vitamins A, B and E
  • Pea fibre – to help your canine’s digestive system moving
  • Alfalfa – a natural source of many vitamins and minerals
  • Linseed – DHA and OMega 3 and 6 aid brain development
  • Prebiotics (FructoOligoSaccharides) – boosts the healthy bacteria in the large intestine
  • Carrot – powerful antioxidant plus a natural source of vitamins
  • Spinach – high levels of iron plus protective qualities against cancer and inflammation
  • Pumpkin – full of beta-carotene, fibre, alpha-carotene, iron, potassium, zinc and Vitamin A
  • Cranberry and lingonberry – keeps the urinary system in good working order
  • Apple – packed full of flavinoids, antioxidants and Vitamins A and C
  • Camomile – to soothe and calm
  • Glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin – to support healthy joints
  • Cinnamon, rosemary, mulberry – all potent antioxidants
  • Aniseed, peppermint and fenugreek – to assist with digestion and relieve spasms
  • Yucca – strong antioxidant plus helps to reduce feces odor

The exact ingredients for Akela will depend on the type of food you choose, and the flavor.

Akela Dog Food variants

However, Akela aims to ensure that all of their foods provide premium nutritional value. Even their raw food contains additional prebiotics to aid digestion and promote gut health.

Their whole range is considered as hypoallergenic as it doesn’t contain wheat or most other known allergens. There are some exceptions; see the ingredients list on individual formulas for details.

Is it Good Value?

There is little debate about the quality of Akela, with a wide variety of premium ingredients contained in every formula. However, if you’re looking for a budget brand, this isn’t it.

The level of protein is higher than average in the kibble and the wet food, and this bumps up the overall cost. For what you’re getting, Akela is excellent value but it will work out more expensive than other dog food brands because of what’s included. 

Any Drawbacks to Akela Dog Food?

Akela describes its whole range as hypoallergenic but owners may need to be careful about the flavors they choose. This is because although there is no wheat or grain in the range, there are other allergens such as chicken and eggs.

Akela Dog Food variants

However, the packaging is clearly labelled so it’s easy to see exactly which flavors to avoid for a sensitive pooch.

Protein levels in Akela are much higher than your dog may be used to in other foods. Therefore, if you’re switching over make sure you take it slowly so your canine’s tummy is able to cope.

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Our Final Thoughts

Akela is a premium dog food brand that only uses the very best ingredients from local sources that operate ethical and sustainable practices. This means that it’s not the cheapest brand, and for dogs with big appetites, it could work out significantly more expensive.

Alternatives to Akela include Farmina, another high-quality brand that is similar in price. However, the protein levels are much lower in Farmina so it doesn’t quite live up to the very high standards that Akela set.

It’s almost impossible to find a negative Akela dog food review, so if you can afford the cost, it’s a brand that’s worth investigating, especially for active dogs.

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