Acana Puppy Food Review

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Updated: June 26, 2020

Need to know a little more about Acana puppy food before feeding it to your young dog? Read on to find out all about the ingredients and nutritional information.

Acana Puppy Food Range

If you’ve ever wished you could make your puppy’s food in your own kitchen, guaranteeing only the best ingredients from reputable sources, you might want to take a look at Acana.

Committed to creating exceptional food for dogs, they approach each meal as if they were going to eat it themselves.

Acana have adopted what they describe as a “biologically appropriate” philosophy. This involves feeding dogs with a diet as close to what they would have eaten in the wild as possible.

They believe this helps dogs not only enjoy their food but also achieve the very best possible health.

You won’t find any synthetic additives, as the recipes are just as Mother Nature intended, and nothing more.

With fresh food delivered straight to their kitchens, every bag of food is lovingly prepared by the experts at Acana.

But is Acana quite as good as it sounds? And are there any drawbacks to adopting this type of diet?

Here’s what we found when we looked deeper into Acana Puppy food and checked out reviews from pup owners.

Acana red meat for puppies

The Range of Acana Puppy Food

Acana have an enormous range of dry food which is suitable for puppies.

Some of the flavors have been formulated specifically for pups, while others can be fed to canines of any age. The current dry food flavors available are:

  • Prairie Poultry
  • Wild Coast
  • Classic Red
  • Puppy Small Breed
  • Puppy Junior
  • Puppy Large Breed
  • Grass-fed Lamb
  • Yorkshire Pork
  • Wild Prairie
  • Pacifica
  • Grasslands
  • Ranchlands
  • Free-Run Duck
  • Pacific Pilchard

Many puppy foods only have the choice of a handful of flavors but that isn’t the case with Acana.

The enormous selection means that you can introduce variety to your puppy’s diet. For picky eaters, it means there are more opportunities to find the flavor that your pooch just can’t resist.

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Acana puppy food

What are the Health Benefits?

It’s hard to think of anything that’s better than locally sourced, fresh ingredients – and that’s just what you’ll get with Acana.

They have a network of trusted suppliers who deliver prime, raw ingredients directly to the Acana kitchen for processing.

Poultry comes from free-range farms, the fish is wild-caught and the vegetables are grown freshly, and locally.

All of these measures ensure that it’s not just the pups who benefit, but the environment too.

The taste difference in the food is noticeable too, with owners reporting that dogs love the fresh flavor.

Crammed full of raw ingredients, Acana have a different approach than some other brands who rehydrate old, dried-out ingredients. Freshness is key for Acana, and this is what delivers so many health benefits.

Every mouthful of food is packed full of protein that the dog’s body can use. With around 70% of fresh animal ingredients used, your puppy will get the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for healthy development and growth.

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Acana poultry for puppies recipe

What are the Beneficial Ingredients in Acana?

Acana use whole animal ingredients to offer the optimal benefit with every mouthful.

This means they are rich in protein, delivering a diet which is more natural for your dog. This makes it easier to digest with nutrients that offer maximum benefit for your pooch.

For the chicken recipes, you’ll find organs and cartilage along with the poultry. The same principles apply to meat-based kibble.

The whole prey superfood approach is also used for fish where their organs and bone are included in the food.

This not only prevents unnecessary waste, but it also gives your dog the nutrients they need in the most easily absorbed form.

Whole food is something that your dog is naturally equipped for and eating every part of the protein will give them the biggest benefit.

However, you won’t find different proteins mixed together in the formulas. This isn’t just done to keep the taste clean and simple.

Research has shown that single protein foods are easier to absorb and less likely to cause upset to sensitive tummies.

Digestion is also helped by the presence of vegetables and legumes. These contain some protein of their own, but primarily play a role in improving digestion. Greens and pumpkin are two ingredients Acana use to help your pooch process their food.

In the fish kibble, Acana have added extra ingredients to increase the depth of flavor. Freeze-fried cod liver has been mixed in with the rest of the foods to create a taste that your pooch will crave.

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Does it Represent Good Value?

Acana could never be described as a bargain food as the sole focus is on delivering quality, and not just offering the lowest possible cost.

If the price of dog food is a priority, you won’t find Acana provides what you want.

However, if you’re looking for a premium dog food brand which has a commitment to high quality, it’s hard to find any better.

Are there any Negatives?

In 2018, a class action lawsuit was brought against Acana and fellow pet brand, Orijen, for allegedly containing heavy metals in their formulas.

However, the first case was thrown out because the manufacturers demonstrated that the heavy metals were naturally occurring, in minuscule quantities and proven to be safe.

Further lawsuits may still follow, but it seems probable that these will be rejected for the same reason too.

There is no suspicion of unhealthy heavy metals in the food and the court backed up Acana in the strongest possible terms.

It’s therefore essential to check the details of any claims being made against the pet food before jumping to the conclusion that there must be a problem.


Acana Puppy Food is one of the best on the market with the manufacturers following a meticulous process of using only the freshest food.

Following a strategy of “biologically appropriate” recipes, your dog will get a careful balance of ingredients that will complement their wellbeing.

Certainly, Acana is not the cheapest dog food on the market, but it offers much more than a low price point.

A real commitment to quality helps it to stand out in the crowd, backed up by testimony from every positive Acana puppy food review.

If you’re looking for an alternative, you could try Celtic Connection, Eden Dry or Green Pantry for other premium brands which are top quality.

Overall, however, it’s difficult to match the very specific benefits that Acana will bring.

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