AATU Dog Food Review

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Updated: October 5, 2020

We give the lowdown on AATU dog food. Find out all the good points as well as the bad in our in-depth review.

AATU dog food variant

AATU is a company that firmly believes that dogs, no matter how innocent looking they are, are meat eaters at heart. That is why they provide their customers with a wide range of high-quality meat-based pet foods that give your animals a truly bespoke dining experience.

AATU offers food that is enriched with herb, fruits, and various all-natural botanicals. The company provides its customer-base with products that are as high as 80% protein.

You won’t find any white potato, grain, or gluten products in any of AATU’s dog food products. Nor will you find any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. AATU is an all-natural, all quality driven company.

An Overview Of AATU’s Range of Dog Foods

If you’re looking for AATU dog food reviews, then it is likely that you’re here for one main thing: finding out what AATU has to offer. AATU caters for both cats and dogs, providing a whole range of dry and wet foods for both animals.

This company offers dog food options for both puppies as well as adult dogs. Their dry range of dog food is based on a truly unique recipe that is exceptionally high in protein, containing the patented AATU 80/20 blend that ensures that at least 80% of the food is made from protein.

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AATU dog food variant

All of AATU’s dry foods are enriched with over thirty different herbs, vegetables, and spices. All of these ingredients are blended perfectly in a hand-crafted fashion, giving your pet food a more human touch.

When it comes to wet food, AATU delivers a great product once again. Each of AATU’s unique and nutritious recipes contains as much as 80% protein and is also prepared by hand, keeping it fresh and ensuring a high level of quality with each small batch.

AATU dog food really delivers on quality and you won’t find many dog foods prepared with this much care and attention to detail. However, this kind of care does come at a price and you can expect to pay more for AATU food.

The Health Benefits of AATU’s Food

It should only take a few weeks before your pet starts showing a noticeable difference. Their mood, weight, muscle growth and general demeanor can change drastically for the better, depending on the individual pet of course.

AATU dog food variants

Within no time your dog may seem a lot happier which is likely because the food aids digestion rather than slowing it like many other conventional pet foods. The easy-to-break-down enzymes, proteins and carbohydrates within the food help an animal’s metabolism.

The high protein nature of the food helps muscle growth within the animal. This will make them less prone to injury, especially if they are older animals.

When giving your pet AATU’s food, you shouldn’t encounter any issues regarding allergies or intolerances. It is very rare that an animal develops an itch or rash after eating any of the AATU dog food.

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The Beneficial Ingredients Inside AATU’s Food

As previously stated, all of AATU’s products contain an absolute minimum of 80% natural protein content. Their wide range of protein pet food products contain only high quality, natural and fresh ingredients that are uniquely blended by hand to ensure that your pet receives only the best.

All of the chicken, duck, and turkey-based products are made using only free-range animals. These animals are kept in only the most humane environments for the duration of their life, ensuring that the products have a significant level of quality from the offset.

back of AATU dog food pack showing ingredients

When it comes to the fish products used inside of the pet foods, AATU does not refrain from using the most bespoke ingredients. The salmon used in recipes is extremely fresh and naturally rich with Omega-3 acids, which are especially good for fur coat and skin conditioning.

The shellfish used is farmed only through sustainable means, making sure that the planet does not suffer for the sake of some pet food.

The pork, beef, and lamb are all organically sourced. All provide a great amount of amino acids that are essential in animal growth.

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Is AATU Good Value For Money?

It may be easy for you to see the price of some of these pet food products and feel an immediate sense of shock. A 1.5KG bag of dry dog food can set you back £20.

But if you think about what you’re actually getting with that price, then it starts to make a little more sense. These pet foods are not just your average grocery store bags that have little to no nutritional value.

Instead, these products are hand-crafted by industry professionals using wholly unique recipes that only use the most natural, organic, high-quality ingredients. All of which are designed to help your pet be their best and happiest self.

AATU dog food variant in can

Additionally, AATU often has bundle offers on their site that allow customers to buy in bulk, which lowers the overall price. These bundles also allow customers to test different options without spending a great deal of money, making sure that their pet actually enjoys the food before buying a lot of it.

AATU also has a “Refer a Friend” system and a loyalty scheme which offers several monetary bonuses. For example, the refer a friend system gives you and your friend £10 off your next orders.

What Are Some Drawbacks?

AATU is a practically perfect pet food company. The only real drawback of the provider is the steep price of the products.

AATU dog food variant in pack

This can be a pretty serious issue depending on the customer’s circumstances. If you are on a tight budget for your family or for yourself then the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on some premium pet food.

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AATU’s Pet Food Summarized

To summarize this AATU dog food review, this pet food provider is a truly excellent one that gives your pets the respect they deserve. There are really no issues with AATU’s dog food, animals love the taste and the ingredients promote healthy metabolisms and digestion.

Despite the higher price point, this pet food provider offers a top-quality pet food option that should not be underestimated or pushed to the side. AATU really gives your pet the best.

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